Electronic Cigarettes: The Healthier Alternative

Thursday 2nd May, 2013 | Vaping Facts, Myths and Answers | 1 Comment

Electronic cigarettes, which were introduced in 2007, are a healthier alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. These cigarettes, which have a similar appearance to that of normal tobacco cigarettes, are devoid of tobacco. The cigarettes instead contain minute amounts of nicotine in a liquid phial. This liquid, when heated, produces vapour instead of smoke. E-cigarette manufacturers claim that these cigarettes offer many advantages as compared to the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

No toxins

Electronic cigarettes contain no harmful toxins as in the normal tobacco cigarettes. They are also devoid of tar that stains your lips when you smoke. Your teeth will not get stained if you use an electronic cigarette. Gums turn black with the regular use of traditional cigarettes. This situation can also be avoided with e-cigarettes and you can keep your gums healthy. These can be considered as some of the prime benefits of e-cigarette over the traditional cigarettes.

No smoke

Using electronic cigarettes does not lead to the production of smoke. Instead, they produce vapours which do not contain any harmful chemicals. There are no pollutants which are released into the environment. So, it can also be considered as an environmental-friendly alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. These cigarettes do not produce any second-hand smoke. As a result, smoking an e-cigarette will not bother the people around you and they will not have the risk of turning into passive smokers.

No risk of cancer

Smoking an electronic cigarette also reduces your risk of contracting conditions like lung cancer. While smoking a traditional cigarette, carcinogen-filled smoke enters the lungs. Regular use of the cigarettes can ultimately result in the development of lung cancer. This is a major health problem that can be avoided by using e-cigarettes.

No formaldehyde emissions

Traditional tobacco cigarettes are found to release large amounts of formaldehyde in the atmosphere through their smoke. E-cigarette vapours do not contain these emissions which irritate the airway. This is another main reason for one to shift to the usage of e-cigarettes.

No odour

Traditional tobacco cigarettes come with an unpleasant odour that lets others know that you have smoked a cigarette. Your breath will smell like smoke, which is both unappealing and unhealthy. Switching to e-cigarettes will save you from facing this trouble. These cigarettes produce only vapour which has no odour and you can use them without the fear of spoiling your breath.