E-Cigarettes Primarily Used to Quit Tobacco

Friday 19th April, 2013 | Vaping Facts, Myths and Answers

An increasing number of adults in the UK are improving their knowledge about e-cigarettes and industry insiders believe that a large percentage of the current tobacco-cigarette-smoking population will start using their electronic counterparts in the coming years. Many people who made the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to the electronic ones revealed that they did so because they were told that e-cigarettes will help them quit smoking. Whether or not these products will work as smoking cessation devices is still unclear, but many manufacturers market them as tools to quit smoking.

Why e-cigs are becoming popular E-cigarette users report that the experience is enjoyable and quite similar to that of smoking a conventional cigarette. In addition, they also reported that they were contented with the products in terms of the sensation received when inhaling, although many say that it isn’t the same as smoking a real cigarette. Convenience is another major reason as to why so many smokers continue to ditch the tobacco sticks for electronic versions. E-cigarettes do not emit smoke. Instead, a vapour is released when you take a puff. Moreover, bans on smoking in public places means that smokers will have to make do with e-cigarettes at bars and restaurants.

Controlling Smoking Habits with E-cigarettes

The FDA hasn’t approved e-cigarettes as tools that can help one stop smoking. However, many users have reported that they have given up smoking because of e-cigarettes. Research shows that people who switched to e-cigarettes smoked lesser over a period of time because these devices can be turned on and off as per the users’ convenience. Real cigarettes, on the other hand, burn out as you keep puffing, and make you smoke the entire stick to receive your money’s worth while receiving your dose of nicotine. E-cigarettes allow you to control the nicotine content and high, meaning that even a few puffs will satisfy your nicotine cravings.

Electronic cigarettes can be especially beneficial to people who smoke more than a pack a day. They help you reduce smoking significantly due to the controlled use of flavour and nicotine. Users say that their perception of smoking has changed ever since they turned to e-cigarettes. They no longer feel the need to light up every so often. Instead, they are satisfied with the relatively low nicotine doses they get from the electronic versions. The electronic cigarette industry is expected to grow further this year and attract millions of individuals who are trying to quit tobacco.