E Cigarettes: Are They Allowed on Flights?

“Are electronic cigarettes allowed on flights?” – This is a question which often arises in the minds of many. Since electronic cigarettes are a relatively new invention, there are still no specific rules regarding its usage in flights. There are still many people who don’t even know that electronic cigarettes exist. So it is better that you get a clear idea of the do’s and don’ts when you are using electronic cigarettes on flights.

Inform the cabin crew

Even though electronic cigarettes are not legally banned in flights, the policy regarding their usage can vary from one airline to another. So, it is advised that you seek permission from the cabin crew first. If they are not aware of the brand of electronic cigarette you use, you can very well give them a small demonstration. You can explain that your electronic cigarette produces only mist and no smoke and so, there won’t be any risk of fire.

Explain the legal aspects of an e-cig

It is quite possible for your fellow passengers to get alarmed if they see you smoking an electronic cigarette. So, it is advised that you explain to the people in your vicinity as to what exactly you are doing. You can explain to them that you are using an electronic cigarette and not a tobacco-filled cigarette. You can also inform that it is legal to use an e-cigarette on a flight and there are no rules banning their usage. By doing so, you can clear the doubts in the minds of your fellow passengers who may wonder “are electronic cigarettes allowed on flights?”

Use the restroom

Sometimes, you may find that your fellow passengers are uncomfortable with your using an electronic cigarette. In such a case, you can use the restroom for vaping purposes. In this way, you can assure others of not causing any alarm to the cabin crew or your fellow travellers. Since electronic cigarettes do not emit smoke, you won’t have to worry about the fire alarms getting triggered. Also, the mist produced by the electronic cigarette will dissipate within seconds and so, there won’t be any smell lingering in the restroom.

Use pen style e-cigarettes

If you want to smoke on a flight, then it is advised that you use a pen style e-cigarette. This electronic cigarette comes with a blue LED light attached to it, and it does not resemble the traditional tobacco cigarette. Instead of using the term “electronic cigarette”, you can say that you are using a “nicotine inhaler”. You can also take light drags so that only a small amount of mist is produced. In this way, you can keep the concerns of the cabin crew and co-passengers at rest.