E-cig Clearomizer Replaces Atomizer

An e-cig clearomizer is the latest technological development in the field of e-cigarettes. This is a transparent form of a cartomizer, which is a combination of a cartridge and an atomizer. Clearomizers which replace the e-cig atomizers are extremely popular among e-cig smokers, owing to their easy use.

The structure

An e-cigarette clearomizer consists of a small tank which has a heating element attached on its top. The heating element serves as a replacement to the polyfill filling which is usually seen in atomizers. The tank is made of thin, breakable plastic and is transparent in nature. The heating element at the top of the tank consists of a wick which extends into the tank. The wick is soaked in the e-liquid contained in the tank. When a voltage is applied to the clearomizer, it is transferred to the e-liquid through the wick, thus vaporizing it.

The advantages

Since the tank of the clearomizer is transparent, one will be able to see the amount of e liquid present in it. This helps the vaper to know the time to refill the tank and also the exact amount of liquid to be refilled. This will prevent the cartridge from going dry. The transparent design also helps the users to obtain a first-hand view of the atomizing process. Clearomizers are also bigger than the usual cartomizers and so vapers can store enough e-liquid to last for quite a few days. Also, the ease of cleaning an e-cigarette clearomizer gives it another advantage over an e-cig atomizer.

The disadvantages

The plastic casing of an e-cig clearomizer tube is very thin as compared to the hard plastic or metal casing of an atomizer. So, the chance of the clearomizer tube breaking is very high. If proper care is not given in handling clearomizers, they will crack and break, thus causing the oily e liquid to leak out. The process of refilling an e-cig clearomizer can also be quite difficult. The e-liquid is to be filled in the clearomizer with the help of a syringe, and there is a chance of the liquid to spill out during the refill process. Also, unlike an e-cig atomizer, an e-cig clearomizer doesn’t come in a variety of flavours. This can be quite a turn-off for many vapers who would prefer flavours in their e-cigarettes.

It is advisable that you make a thorough study of the advantages and disadvantages, before buying an e-cig clearomizer. This is to ensure that you make the right choice and enjoy your e-cig smoking experience.

Author: Brett Vapouriz