Why Should I Buy and Use a Vapouriz Electronic Cigarette?

Friday 15th November, 2013 | Special Offers | 1 Comment

Simple - you wish to give up smoking tobacco. This might be for health or economic reasons, or, quite likely, both. You may have tried other methods and found them not to be right for you, or you may be about to make a first serious attempt. If this sounds familiar, then e-cigarettes could be exactly what you're looking for.

Three key questions worth considering

• What exactly is a Vapouriz e-cigarette?

It’s an electronic nicotine delivery system that uses a battery-powered device that simulates the experience of smoking tobacco, employing a heating element to vaporise a liquid solution.

• What are the benefits of using it?

Well, it’s obviously a much healthier way of delivering nicotine than traditional ciggies! If you are a heavy smoker, it can also save you the best part of a couple of thousand pounds a year. Sports trainers often use the term muscle-memory to suggest the building of good habits when training. Your e-cigarette mimics the action your body expects when smoking – you still inhale, and then exhale simple water vapour.

• Isn’t it socially awkward to use it?

A few years ago, there was certainly a novelty value that could lead to a few strange looks or mickey-taking from friends. That’s long gone – people are ever more aware of the health risks associated with smoking and are much more likely to be supportive. It’s also quite a common and accepted sight now in places such as restaurants.

The Brief History of Tobacco - Free Smoking

You’ve probably never heard of Herbert A Gilbert

If you think that e-cigarettes are a recent idea, Herbert patented a “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” exactly fifty years ago. It replaced burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist-flavoured air. Sadly, it was never commercially produced, but his basic idea endured.

No whiffs or butts – it’s time to give it a go

Using the Vapouriz slogan, if you are ready to take that first step, you will find they have an excellent choice of Starter Kits. You can give the experience a first try with their Solo Disposable option; or go straight for one of their range of rechargeable models. Incidentally, they offer more than sixty different flavours from menthol to red cola!

Mark Twain offered one of the great quotes in this area: “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times.” But then Vapouriz electronic cigarettes simply weren’t available in his day!