E Cigarettes May Be The Perfect Gift!

Friday 24th January, 2014 | Special Offers | 1 Comment

Helping a Smoker Become a 'Vaper'

Sometimes it can be difficult to buy a gift for the person who has just about everything, but if they are a regular smoker and have been thinking of trying an alternative option to smoking, now's your chance! Why not treat them to a Vapouriz electric cigarette starter kit; a gift they may not think about themselves and one which is better for them and can help save money.

There are a great choice of cartomizers,which are better for those new to "vaping". This is so called because the e-cigarette is made up of an electronic device that heats up e-juice in a container or cartridge, the liquid becomes a water vapour that the user takes in and exhales very much in the same way as smoking a normal cigarette.


Cartomizer or Tank?

Buying one as a gift for someone who is just starting out vaping is a really great idea, especially as the Vapouriz packs come with everything you need to get started.

The cartridges or cartomizers are already filled with an e-juice and have in built atomizers or heating elements, so they are very simple to use. For those who are experienced in the use of e-cigarettes, then what better present to give than a Vapouriz Tank Kit. These kits are refillable so that you can experiment with a really great range of e-liquid flavours. This is just the sort of gift that keeps on giving as you will be able to keep buying and trying different e-juices for your nearest and dearest until they settle on one or more favourites.

Buying an electronic cigarette kit really does take the hassle out of gift giving and you are helping someone towards a healthier future.

Customize & Upgrade Your Vape!

There are also a number of different styles and colours to choose from so if you have got family members or friends who like to make a fashion statement, then colour coordinate the gift you give them.

If you know someone who is constantly on the go, whether it is travelling on business or who just enjoys getting out and about, there are travel packs available, with portable charging cases.

To make the gift more economical you could send out a "wish list" of accessories to add to the main e-cigarette kit and really make someones year. Plus pick up a sample pack of e-juice and you can make this years Christmas and birthday one to remember. in fact, these are the ideal gift for any occasion. Not only are you giving something thoughful and practical but showing how much you value it's recipient because you are giving them something that is the first step to a healthier and potentially longer life.