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What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a nicotine delivery device that provides the user with a ‘dose’ of nicotine to satisfy a craving when needed.  It is designed as a life style alternative to using a cigarette.

If you dont want to have nicotine, you can use an electronic cigarette with nicotine free liquid.

How do they work?

There are 3 sections to an electronic cigarette, any model you choose will essentially have these parts.

An E-Liquid chamber, a heating element to turn the E-Liquid into vapour and a battery to provide the power.

What do I need to vape?

First things first.. you’re going to need a starter kit. For first time users looking to cut down on those cigarettes we highly recommend our classic FUSE STARTER KIT. This includes a battery (bottom bit), the charger for the battery, and a clearomizer (top bit). The clearomizer can also be known as a tank or atomizer. As well as your starter kit, you're going to need e-liquid or e-juice which essentially 'fuels' the electronic cigarette.

If you are looking for big clouds, then we recommend our sub-ohm VBOX 40W kit

Classic vaping uses VAPOURIZ PREMIUM or VAPOURIZ PLATINUM E-Liquid, while Sub-Ohm vaping uses either POCKET FUEL or PURE EVIL Max VG E-Liqui

E-Liquid - The Facts

E-liquid is also known as liquid or juice.
It produces the water vapour.
It comes in a variety of nicotine strengths and flavours and often consists of 4 ingredients
- Nicotine (if you choose 0% liquid there will not be any nicotine)
- VG, Vegetable Glycerine
- PG, Propylene Glycol
- Flavourings
The most common base liquid is PG which is to be used in the FUSE. If you are wanting to sub-ohm then you will need to buy Max VG Liquid, from either POCKET FUEL or PURE EVIL
The flavourings in e-liquid are the same as food flavourings, but some have been specially created for vaping.
Try and store your e-liquid out of direct sunlight.
You can even mix two or more flavours together to make some new blends.

What does the term 'vaping' mean?

When most people think of an electronic cigarette, they think it’s ‘like smoking’. In fact, there is no ‘smoke’ involved, merely water vapour.

The term ‘vaping’ and ‘to vape’ is merely describing the action of using an electronic cigarette. If you enjoy vaping, you might even call yourself a ‘vaper’.

What about the Health Issues?

Electronic cigarettes do NOT contain tobacco so they do not burn in the same way as traditional cigarettes. They do not produce ash, carbon monoxide, benzene or any of the other dangerous by products which result from burning tobacco.

Scientific research carried out so far has concluded that electronic cigarettes are substantially less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

Public Health England (PHE) recently published a report saying that E-Cigarettes are 95% safer than traditional cigarettes. CLICK HERE TO READ OUR BLOG

Vapouriz electronic cigarettes are not for the use of those under 18 and they should always be kept away from children. They are not recommended for women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

What flavour should I get?

Similar to food and drink, you're never going to know what suits your tastes buds untill you try it. If you really dont know what flavour to try, for classic vaping we recommend;

- Classic Tobacco

- Virginia Tobacco

- Menthol Special Blend

- Strawberry Bliss

For Sub-Ohm vaping we recommend;

- Pure Evil, Sloth

- Pure Evil, Wrath

- Pocket Fuel, Menthol Mist

- Pocket Fuel, Strawberry Shake

I've received my FUSE starter kit, what do I do now?

Great news! Let’s get you vaping!

Best thing to do first is charge up your battery, quite like when you get a new phone, the batteries come partly charged. Simply take the charger and attach this into a USB port on a laptop or computer. Then take the battery and gently screw it onto charger. The charger light will go red and then to green once fully charged. Please be aware the batteries must be charged using the provided USB charger in the starter kit. If you want to use a wall plug, you must only use a Vapouriz wall plug as we can guarentee that the voltages in the plug are compatible.

Whilst that is charging you can prepare the clearomizer (top part). All our starter kits come with bottom filled clearomizers. To fill, you need to hold the clearomizer upside down, having the mouthpiece pointing to the floor. Next, unscrew the ridged base (where the coil sits) away from the plastic barrel; place the base to one side. Next step, adding the liquid, tilt the unit to a 45% angle then pour the e-liquid into the side barrel, avoid getting it down the central tube. Once filled attach the base back on and turn the clearomizer upright to let the liquid soak into the coils for 10mins

Once your battery is charged, assemble your unit!

Every battery has a lock and unlock safety feature. The batteries will come locked. To activate your battery press the main button 5/6 times extremely quickly. Once unlocked the button will flash. Hold the button down (the light should be solid) and inhale. If the button flashes, this indicates the connection is made too tight, or it still needs charging. When pressing the button down you are making a connection with the coil to heat up the liquid, this will make a crackling sound, which shows its working!

..and away you go! Enjoy vapers!

What strength liquid do I need?

The strength of e-liquid needed correlates with the number of tobacco cigarettes smoked per day

If smoking in excess of 20 per day then 2.4% is advised.

If smoking around 20 per day then 1.8% is advised

If smoking around 10 per day then start at 1.2%

If you are using an e-cig to help you stop smoking then reducing your e-liquid strength to 0.6% can be achieved within 3 - 6 months of vaping if desired.

How long will a 10ml bottle of E-Liquid last me?

Everyone is different!  Some people like puff away all day and other people like to stick to their designated ‘vaping’ breaks.   As a rough guide, an average 20 a day smoker of traditional cigarettes gets through a 10ml bottle every 7 days or so.

Can I vape in places where smoking is banned?

The UK smoking ban introduced in the Health Act 2006, Chapter 28 Part 1, Chapter 1, Section 1, Para 2 states:

‘smoking’ refers to smoking tobacco or anything which contains tobacco, or smoking any other substance; and smoking includes being in possession of lit tobacco or anything lit which contains tobacco, or being in possession of any other lit substance in a form in which it could be smoked.

Vapouriz electronic cigarettes are exempt from this Health Act as no tobacco is lit or used.

However, with this being said, we do advise you to check with the individual establishment

Why should I choose Vapouriz electronic cigarettes?

Vapouriz is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of electronic cigarettes. We only sell premium quality products and we’ve been fully audited by ECITA (Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association). If you’re worried about our green credentials, then rest assured – our packaging is CHIP-compliant and all our products comply with the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive.

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