What is Vaping

Taking up vaping means you get the nicotine hit without the nasty chemicals from traditional cigarettes, and can spice up your experience with a range of different flavoured liquids.

You can use various strengths of nicotine to help reduce cravings and the e-cigarette (e-cig) industry has many gadgets and gizmos to make the experience very 21st century. The modern vaping device of choice for most is called an advanced personal vaporiser or APV. These battery-powered pipes allow the user to regulate the power level that heats up the liquid to provide the right hit of vapour. There's a massive range of e-liquid flavours on offer to top them up with, from coffees to fruit juices, mint to tobacco - if you can think of it, the flavour is probably on the shelves.

The e-liquid is made up of two safe to consume component fluids: a vegetable glycerine to produce the vapour and propylene glycol to carry the flavour. In the mix is a small amount of nicotine, with high strength, mid strength, weak and nicotine-free options available.

What is Vaping

So, find an APV of your choice, there are all types of pen-style designs, with light effects and controls. Find an e-liquid flavour you like, or pick a bunch, with your ideal level of nicotine, and you can join in the vaping trend that helps people quit or reduce their traditional smoking habit. It is more acceptable in public, but still not allowed in pubs or planes. However, vaping cafes are opening up to bring smokers back in from the cold.

A starter kit is a great way to get on board the vaping train, and while the initial cost is somewhat higher than a few packs of cigarettes, the potential health and social benefits are far greater.