Can I Take E Cigarettes on Airplanes?

For updates on the rulings about e-cigs on air planes as of August 2014, click here.

Electronic cigarettes have rapidly become the most popular smoking cessation aid in the UK, and are gaining popularity in a number of other countries around the world. If you're travelling, it's easy to apply nicotine patches or chew nicotine gum... but what are the regulations on e-cigarettes? Sadly, there's no simple answer - while some airlines will be happy for you to puff away, others may not be so keen. If you do take your e-cig with you, it's worth taking a sturdier model (we offer plenty here at Vapouriz) to avoid the risk of breakage, and make sure any e-liquid is taken on board in a plastic bag to avoid it being confiscated.

Vapes on a plane!

Vaping on a plane isn't technically illegal, so what's the problem? Well... you may get some concern from fellow passengers who might not be able to tell the difference, and may well risk the wrath of the cabin crew. Rather than expecting to be able to vape away, it's always wise to check airline policies beforehand, as some explicitly state that e-cigarettes are forbidden whilst in flight.

Electronic cigarettes on planes in the EU

As e-cigarettes are so popular and well recognised in parts of the EU, there are airlines such as RyanAir that are more than happy to let their passengers vape away. Make sure you read through airline policies when booking or speak to a member of the customer service team to check before you fly, however.

Electronic cigarettes on planes outside of the EU

US airlines in particular have cracked down on e-cigarette usage on planes, with a number of airlines banning them completely. As vaping is more popular in Europe and less common elsewhere in the world, it is always worth checking before you fly.

If in doubt: ask the cabin crewIt can sometimes be hard to tell what an airline's policy is before flying, without talking to them first. The important thing to remember is to check if you're unsure - ask the cabin crew before you set off to avoid any upset, embarrassment or panic from fellow passengers. If you are allowed to vape on board, it may be worth doing so in the rest room rather than at your seat, to avoid fellow passengers becoming anxious, and to allow you to vape in peace.