Cannabis and Vaping

Cannabis and Vaping

Monday 14th October, 2019 | Important Vaping Information

You may have heard stories of people using their e-cigarettes as a way to inhale cannabis. But is it fact or fiction?

Vaping Facts

Vaping is around 95% safer than tobacco smoking, providing clear health benefits compared to regular cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes do not contain the same harmful chemicals and toxins that tobacco cigarettes do and are therefore not associated with the same diseases, like cancer, heart disease and respiratory diseases. This makes them an effective, non-lethal nicotine delivery system.

Detailed surveys have shown that most of the 2.8 million adults in the UK who use e-cigarettes regularly do so to help them reduce or eliminate their use of tobacco cigarettes, until they are able to cut out nicotine completely.

Cannabis Concerns

While use is minimal, cannabis is the most commonly used drug in the country, after alcohol and tobacco. This figure is falling as people become more health conscious and aware of the drug’s many side effects. Although cannabis can be ingested in food and other means, it’s typically smoked in tobacco.

Studies have shown that cannabis contains dangerous chemicals like carcinogens, which increase your risk of cancers. These carcinogens can, in fact, be four times as concentrated in cannabis as they are in tobacco. Cannabis is now thought to be addictive, can affect fertility in men and women, increases the risk of developing psychotic illnesses like schizophrenia as well as anxiety and paranoia, and can affect the ability to drive and do other everyday tasks. Research also suggests that THC, the active component in cannabis, can suppress the immune system and put users at greater risk of potentially fatal respiratory and lung diseases.

Vaping and Cannabis

There’s a theory that people who smoke cannabis can do so through vaping, and use their e-cigarette as a weed vaporiser. The thinking is that, because vaping is so much healthier than tobacco smoking, e-cigarettes will be a healthy way to consume cannabis.

Unfortunately for cannabis smokers, there is no healthy way to consume the illegal drug, even when you’re vaping, because of the carcinogens and medical risks inherent in the drug.

One reason that people might think vaping cannabis is healthy is that medical trials have used special vape pens to deliver cannabis compounds to people suffering from chronic pain conditions. These pens are specifically designed by manufacturers for the purpose though, and use a special non-psychoactive, liquid form of the drug.

Normal vape pens are not meant to be used for cannabis vaping. Most e-cigarettes will not facilitate the smoking of buds or hash. Furthermore, illegal cannabis oils can be made with dangerous substances in them, and prove deadly.

As the drug is illegal, studies into the use of vaping cannabis are minimal, but one has shown that vaping cannabis can lead to toxic levels of ammonia in vapour.

All in all, it’s clear that vaping does not make cannabis healthy. Instead, e-cigarettes are best used for people who want to cut down or cut out tobacco in a safe way, while enjoying the pleasant taste and sensation of vaping.

A Brief History of Vaping and E-Cigarettes

A Brief History of Vaping and E-Cigarettes

Find out everything you need to know about the history of e-cigarettes including who invented them and how they came to be so popular.

Ever wondered where the e-cigarette came from?

They may seem like a very recent invention, but e-cigarettes have been around for quite a while now, in one form or another.

There were devices invented to inhale vapour or replicate cigarettes back in the 1920s and 1960s, but they never quite took off, perhaps because smoking was so popular, and the health risks it posed were less well known than they are now.

Inventing a new prototype

It wasn’t really until 2003 that e-cigarettes as we know them came into being. The prototype electronic cigarette device was invented in Beijing, China, by Hon Lik, a 52-year-old smoker and pharmacist.

The company he worked for at the time developed his prototype and sold it to the receptive Chinese public – it was so successful that the company even changed their name to Ruyan, which means ‘like smoking’.

By 2006 e-cigarettes had made their way to Europe, and then to North America. They started off as quite expensive items, but over the years, as more companies manufactured them, the price came down and popularity went up.

Growing pains

There were some turbulent years for e-cigarette users and makers in North America and Australia as regulations for the devices were put in place, but in the UK they continued to grow in popularity. This was partly due to support from organisations like ASH, who saw the potential for e-cigarettes to help reduce the number of tobacco smokers in the UK, and therefore reduce deaths and illnesses from tobacco smoking.

E-cigarettes suffered some perception knock-backs due to misreporting and tough government legislation many years ago – some people still think that they can be almost as harmful as cigarettes, while others believe they can be a ‘gateway’ to tobacco for non-smokers.

There’s also the problem that because e-cigarettes as we know them are still a relatively new invention, there’s not yet a great amount of data on their long-term usage. However, these perceptions look set to change in the near future.

Recent reports like the Government’s 2015 Public Health England review of e-cigarettes showed that e-cigarettes can be an effective, safe way to quit or cut down on smoking tobacco.

Going from strength to strength

Over the years, as more manufacturers have created vape pens and other e-cigarettes, and as companies large and small have begun to create flavourful e-liquids for electric cigarette users to enjoy, the number of people enjoying vaping has risen.

Since 2012, the number of electronic cigarette users in the UK has increased from 700,000 to some 2.8 million people. It’s a figure that goes up every year, and which mainly comprises smokers and ex-smokers.

The UK even plays host to the largest ‘vaping festival’ in Europe, VapeFest, which has been running since 2010. Here, vaping aficionados and fans come together to vape, listen to music, and buy from top vendors.

With the great selection of electronic cigarette and e-liquid makers available around the world, and an increasing number of people using e-cigarettes, the future for vaping looks bright.

What is Vaping

What is Vaping

Taking up vaping means you get the nicotine hit without the nasty chemicals from traditional cigarettes, and can spice up your experience with a range of different flavoured liquids.

You can use various strengths of nicotine to help reduce cravings and the e-cigarette (e-cig) industry has many gadgets and gizmos to make the experience very 21st century. The modern vaping device of choice for most is called an advanced personal vaporiser or APV. These battery-powered pipes allow the user to regulate the power level that heats up the liquid to provide the right hit of vapour. There's a massive range of e-liquid flavours on offer to top them up with, from coffees to fruit juices, mint to tobacco - if you can think of it, the flavour is probably on the shelves.

The e-liquid is made up of two safe to consume component fluids: a vegetable glycerine to produce the vapour and propylene glycol to carry the flavour. In the mix is a small amount of nicotine, with high strength, mid strength, weak and nicotine-free options available.

What is Vaping

So, find an APV of your choice, there are all types of pen-style designs, with light effects and controls. Find an e-liquid flavour you like, or pick a bunch, with your ideal level of nicotine, and you can join in the vaping trend that helps people quit or reduce their traditional smoking habit. It is more acceptable in public, but still not allowed in pubs or planes. However, vaping cafes are opening up to bring smokers back in from the cold.

A starter kit is a great way to get on board the vaping train, and while the initial cost is somewhat higher than a few packs of cigarettes, the potential health and social benefits are far greater.

Top 10 Idiotic Quotes About Electronic Cigarettes

Top 10 Idiotic Quotes About Electronic Cigarettes

Friday 26th September, 2014 | Important Vaping Information | 2 Comments

Despite the fact that e-cigarettes have already helped countless people to stop smoking all over the world, there are always going to be people who are scared of new developments.

The truth is that e-cigarettes are increasing hugely in popularity amongst those who are looking to quit smoking. While many have suggested that they will actually encourage non-smokers - especially those who are underage - to take up the habit, studies have shown that this is not the case.

The growth of vaping has led to some interesting quotes - some unsubstantiated, some downright wrong, some simply idiotic - and we've decided to share these with you for entertainment value. So, without further ado, here are our top 10 idiotic quotes about electronic cigarettes...

Top 10 Idiotic Quotes About Electronic Cigarettes

1. "Someone in my lab just showed me a bright pink one. And they’re selling them with flavors like chocolate and bubble gum. These things have nicotine, and you can tell who they’re trying to hook" - Prue Talbot. Talbot appears to fail to understand the point that adults like different e-liquid flavours and colours as much as children...

2. "I understand why people use the nicotine replacement aids, but I don’t understand why people want to pretend that they’re smoking. If you had a serial killer who liked to stab people, would you give him a rubber knife?" - Serena Chen. What's amazing is that Chen is a regional tobacco policy director at the American Lung association, and fails to understand that - as with heroin addicts being given methadone - e-cigarettes are a safer way of treating nicotine addicts; the very people she is supposed to be helping.

Top 10 Idiotic Quotes About Electronic Cigarettes

3. “While regular cigarettes have a filter, [with] this delivery device the electronic cigarette, the nicotine goes directly to the lungs” - Dr. Florante Trindad, WHO. Simply incorrect. Firstly, e-cigarettes have no filter as they don't need to filter out tar and other harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. Secondly, nicotine is absorbed in the passages of the airway...

4. "This is no ordinary product because it encourages mimicking and could promote taking up smoking" - Marisol Touraine, French Health Minister. Mimicking existed pre-electronic cigarettes in the form of inhalators - and studies have shown that e-cigarettes do not promote smoking to non-smokers.

5. “…there’s no proof that these cigarettes are safe. No proof whatsoever. They are made in China” Dr. Jonathan Whiteson. Does this mean that the food and drink, clothing and even pharmaceutical products that are increasingly being produced in China are all unsafe too? The Vapouriz range are all UK produced either way.

Top 10 Idiotic Quotes About Electronic Cigarettes

6. "(e-cigarettes) directly undermine the effects and intentions of existing legislation" - Richard Jarvis, co-chair of the BMA’s public health medicine committee. Jarvis' quote was originally talking about the fact that e-cigarettes are allowed in public, contradicting regulations that ban smoking in public places - i.e. he was applying the same fears of damage caused by passive smoking to e-cigarettes. A bit ridiculous, when e-cigarettes have been shown to have no passive smoking risk.

7. "(allowing e-cigarettes in the workplace) reintroduces the idea of cigarettes into what are currently smoke-free environments and begins to renormalize tobacco use in these products" - Dr. Nancy Rigotti, director of the Tobacco Research and Treatment Center at Massachusetts General Hospital. We're sure that most people understand the difference between cigarettes and e-cigarettes. If anything, the use of e-cigarettes in the workplace will increase productivity and reduce the amount of time wasted through cigarette breaks.

8. "Nicotine patches are heated (using a heating coil) and the resultant vapor is inhaled" - Smokeless Delites. Believe it or not, this completely factually incorrect quote is from an e-cigarette brand, who is obviously trying to stifle the competition by making false claims.

Top 10 Idiotic Quotes About Electronic Cigarettes

9. "For youth who have never used cigarettes before, e-cigarettes could act as a gateway to a life-long addiction to nicotine" - Legacy for Health. As we've detailed before on our blog, this is not the case - very few people who previously did not smoke have taken up e-cigarette usage. This seems to be a common argument used by those campaigning against e-cigarette usage as a cessation aid.

10. "E-cigarettes shouldn’t be banned because of their possible harmful effects on the body. They should be banned for their absolute stupidity" - Kirk Pynchon for We're not entirely sure what to say about this one. The entire basis of the article that this quote is taken from is Pynchon's belief that e-cigarettes look ridiculous. While he may not like the way they look, there's no denying that they've helped (and are continuing to help) huge numbers of people around the world to kick their addiction to cigarettes, and there's no denying that the resulting decline in tobacco-related health problems, the saving of money and removal of the clinging smells of tobacco is a very good thing indeed.

The above quotes prove the point that some people will oppose e-cigs and vaping no matter what. You cannot please everyone... But for those who are misinformed and base opinions on conjecture rather than fact make themselves look a little bit silly in the process!

10 Facts About E-Cigarettes

10 Facts About E-Cigarettes

The dangers of traditional cigarettes have been well-known for many years, so it is hardly surprising that E-cigs are gaining in popularity as a genuine alternative. Sadly this doesn’t mean that public perception of electronic cigarettes is always positive as a great deal of misinformation and misunderstandings persist, particularly about whether vaping is any healthier than smoking a traditional cigarette. The key point to remember is that, even though they look rather like their tobacco counterparts, E-cigs can be completely tobacco-free if you choose a nicotine free e-liquid. So if you’re considering joining the electronic cigarette trend, you might find these 10 facts both informative:

1. Vaping is More Economical

10 Facts About E-Cigarettes

Regular smokers of tobacco products will be able to testify to the alarmingly high costs involved in purchasing cigarettes. The great news about E-cigs is that they are cheaper once the initial investment has been made. If you’re thinking of taking up vaping, you’ll need the E-cig device, a battery and a handful of liquids initially but your only cost going forward will be the replacement liquids which are considerably more affordable than traditional cigarettes.

2. E-cigs Are Not That New!

Believe it or not, the first electronic cigarette first appeared back in 1963, although it wasn’t until the Chinese got their hands on the idea that large scale production actually started to happen (with the product introduced to the US in 2007). Herbert A. Gilbert’s ‘smokeless non-tobacco cigarette’ not only sounds like the same product (although he needed a catchier name, granted); it also worked in much the same way as the modern version. If only he’d heard of ‘Dragon’s Den’…

3. Few People Can Will ‘No’

Attempt to light up a tobacco cigarette in a restaurant or aboard a train and the chances are you’ll be swiftly ordered to put it out. Laws in many countries have been tightened up in recent years to severely restrict smoking in public but these regulations don’t always extend to E-cigs. While there are some exceptions, of course, on the whole you can vape at will where you like, including restaurants, cinemas, shopping centres and even on some airplanes. The e-cig policy has tightened since the early days though so it is best to ask permission before vaping!

4. Never Mind the Matches

By the nature of their name you’ve probably guessed that electronic cigarettes are battery powered so you never need to ask some strange bloke for a light again. When you inhale on an E-cig, the battery powers up the unit to heat the cartridge of liquid inside, vaporising it so that you can breathe it in. There’s no tobacco, so no smoke (just vapour clouds), no noxious gases and no lingering smell for others to object to.

5. You’ve Got the Power

10 Facts About E-Cigarettes

E-cigs are powered by batteries which, for those who have trouble remembering to recharge their mobile phone, could pose a problem! Realistically, though, rechargeable batteries offer fantastic convenience and are perfect for keeping your electronic cigarettes energised. Many products are compatible with in-car and USB chargers so, in the event that your battery runs low, you can simply plug it into the nearest laptop or the DC socket in your car or truck.

6. E-cigs Do Not "Explode"

A much-publicised rumpus in the US recently following a small fire aboard a passenger plane in Chicago, allegedly caused by an electronic cigarette, has led to some claims that the devices should be banned in flight. But even the lithium battery that powers an E-cig is regarded to be absolutely safe, as is the liquid which is contained in the cartridge, so an exploding E-cig is simply not likely to happen. We do however urge that e-cig users always use the correct battery. We heard of instances when some people have tried charging their electronic cigarettes with and iPhone charger!

7. You've Gotta Be 18…

10 Facts About E-Cigarettes

Very simply, you need to be 18 to purchase electronic cigarettes due to the potential nicotine they contain.

10. An End to Tobacco Smoking?

Finally, the medical journal ‘The Lancet’ has published research suggesting E-cigs are statistically comparable to nicotine patches in helping smokers to kick the habit over a 6 month period.

Smoking Tobacco: Why Would you Miss it?

Smoking Tobacco: Why Would you Miss it?

Friday 15th August, 2014 | Important Vaping Information

To someone who’s never tried smoking, the arguments for quitting the habit seem so obvious they shouldn’t even need to be spelt out. Then again, for non-smokers, the notion of starting to smoke at all seems absurd. Why would anyone in their right mind even think about smoking tobacco? Knowing all that we do about the risks to health, who would light up and draw a poisonous cocktail of gas and tar deep into their lungs, once - never mind over and over again!People start smoking for all sorts of reasons, even when they do know they’re putting their health at risk. It’s only a couple of generations ago that smoking was allowed in hospitals and if you went to see your GP, you’d probably have been offered a cigarette while you complained about the hacking cough that had been bothering you for the past few months! The first public health campaign against smoking in Europe started in Germany in the 1920s, but the message was drowned out by more pressing matters, once the Third Reich was established. The link between smoking and lung cancer was first publicised in the UK in the 1950s, and efforts to persuade people to quit have been going on ever since. Of course, back then there was no viable alternative such as the electronic cigarette industry that we take for granted today.

Learning to Smoke!

Smoking Tobacco: Why Would you Miss it?On the face of it, there’s not a lot of good to be said about lighting up one of those little white tubes of tobacco. As anyone who’s ever tried smoking knows, cigarettes don’t actually taste very good when you first light up, and they leave a pretty bad taste in the mouth once you’ve finished. Most smokers who get the habit usually have to persist before they build up a tolerance to the taste of cigarettes. Not like the huge range of e-liquid flavours available to get away from that grim tobacco flavour!When asked why they still smoke, very few smokers say it’s because of the taste. A lot of people who have been smoking for a while say they still find that the first cigarette of the day tastes horrible, even after many years. The one cigarette that most smokers agree tastes the best of all, is the one right after a meal, which is weird when you think about it. You’ve just enjoyed a delicious meal and your taste buds are still savouring the moment when what do you do? You flood your palate with a cloud of bitter smoke!

That Smoking Cough & Chemical Input

A lot of smokers greet the new day with a fit of coughing (those overnight tar deposits don’t shift themselves), which is when they promise themselves that they really will quit – but first that coffee and a cigarette before anything else. No one coughs like a smoker and no one coughs like a smoker with a cold, which they tend to get more frequently because of the strain they’re putting on their respiratory system.It’s amazing that lungs actually cope with smoke in the first place when you consider that there are around 4,000 chemicals released every time you light up and inhale. Chemicals in cigarettes include arsenic, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide (used in pesticides) to name just a few, as well as tar, the sticky residue left behind in your lungs by the chemical cocktail you inhale. No wonder smokers tend to cough a lot.

Passive Smoking and Expenses

Apart from the adverse effects on your own health, passive smoking also harms those around you and increases their chances of developing lung cancer by a whopping 25%, according to Cancer Research UK. Their studies also show that every year, some 11,000 people die from lung cancer, heart disease and strokes because of passive smoking.Add the expense of smoking (thousands of pound a year) to the cost to health, and it’s easy to see why 70% of smokers when asked say they’d like to quit. But, as anyone who’s ever tried it knows, quitting isn’t easy. In fact, giving up the nicotine habit is one of the hardest addictions of all to quit and many smokers have to try several times before they manage to stop.

Quitting the Habit

Smoking Tobacco: Why Would you Miss it?Experts say smokers should expect to fail at the first attempt and that only 3.5% of smokers will manage to quit on willpower alone. So what does work, if you want to give up tobacco? Some people find that nicotine replacement therapies, such as gums, tablets, patches, sprays and inhalers help, as do more powerful drugs. Vaping, or e-cigarettes, have a lot to commend them, as a recent survey by University College London (UCL) discovered, when it found that people were 60% more likely to succeed in quitting cigarettes if they switched to e-cigarettes, compared to patches, gum or willpower alone.

Praise be for Vaping and E-Cigs!

Smoking Tobacco: Why Would you Miss it?If there’s nothing very positive to say about smoking, vaping, by comparison, can be enjoyed without the same harmful risks. For a start, e-cigarettes don’t contain any tar, so no nasty deposits ending up in your respiratory system. With vaping, you inhale a vapour, flavoured with a range of essences that when heated produce a mist that you can enjoy anywhere. So not only can you vape with friends, over a drink or after a meal, you won’t be sharing any nasty chemicals with them, as you would with passive smoking.

Busting The Myths About E-cigarettes

Busting The Myths About E-cigarettes

Monday 11th August, 2014 | Important Vaping Information

Over the last two or three years, there have been scare stories a-plenty in the media about e-cigarettes. In fact, if you believed them all, you’d be too frightened to get out of bed, never mind use an electronic cigarette.

Indeed, many of these tall tales are so wide of the mark they're almost laughable.

Most have no basis in fact. For example, there have been suggestions that the liquid in electronic cigarettes is based on rat poison, or the ingredients found in anti-freeze.

The worry is that there are people out there who really believe the myths, including, most worrying of all, the children of vapers, who may believe that their parents are actually poisoning themselves.

Ensure you E-Liquid is High Quality

Busting The Myths About E-cigarettes

The US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) did put out a release in 2009 based on a very limited sample of e-cigs, and found that one contained diethylene glycol, which is used in anti-freeze.

But levels discovered were negligible, so much so that that isolated sample could easily have been contaminated. (This wasn’t mentioned in the official release. Funny, that.)

Eliquid typically does include propylene glycol and again this is associated with anti-freeze.

But it’s used as an additive, purely to make antifreeze less harmful if you swallow it by accident. It’s also found in toothpaste, and food additives, and is recognised as safe by the FDA.

As for the idea that e-liquid has rat poison, that's just ridiculously untrue.

While tobacco cigarettes are made with 4,000 different chemicals, typically e-liquid will contain Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), food grade flavourings and nicotine. That’s it. (All e-liquid provided by Vapouriz is created in-house to exacting standards of consistency and quality so we know EXACTLY what goes into it!)

Some say “no-one knows what’s in e-cigarettes”, but that’s just not true. Following many studies in different labs the world over, the ingredients are well known and documented.

Scare-Mongering About E-Cig Availability

Busting The Myths About E-cigarettes

Perhaps more widespread, perpetuated by anti-smoking groups, is the notion that children and young people will be drawn to electronic cigarettes because of their sweet flavours and because they can “be so easily bought online.”

But can they? It’s actually not that easy to buy these devices online. You need plastic, so a child would have to not only steal a parental bank card, but also the credit card statement when that arrived in due course, to avoid being rumbled.

For most newsagent sales, vendors won’t sell to those who are under-age. The chances of kids buying e-cigarettes from shops are no greater than the risk of their buying standard tobacco products. If anything, the chances are probably slimmer when it comes to e-cig purchases.

With the expenses of the replacement parts, most youngsters are much more likely to want to spend their pocket money on the usual teenage purchases of music, computer games and clothes.

Anecdotally, because children and teenagers see electronic cigarettes as something to help adults stop using real cigarettes, there’s no appeal from them being “cool” or” dangerous”. Research show your average e-cig puffer is aged 30-50 and already a tobacco smoker.

As for the sweeter flavours, these have nothing to do with targeting a younger market, but are liked by the adults who make up most vapers.

The Target Consumer

Busting The Myths About E-cigarettes

E-cig advertisers target those who currently smoke, not new or young smokers, or non-smokers. Therefore the notion that they will give non-smokers a habit is just risible.

No-one ever complains that alcoholic drinks are readily available to those who don’t drink, so that argument is just ludicrous.

Addictive & Harmful?

Busting The Myths About E-cigarettes

It’s yet another myth that electronic cigarettes may be more addictive than tobacco, since independent testing shows nicotine is provided in smaller amounts than with standard cigarettes. Actually vapers regulate their consumption well, stopping when their need for nicotine has been met. From our experience, e-cig users tend to slowly lower the amount of nicotine as they progress with using e-cigs. From 2.4% or 1.8% in the early days right down to the 1.2%, 0.6% or... Yes, giving it up entirely and using the 0% nicotine content.

Anti-smokers also claim e-cigs have carcinogens and toxins that can be inhaled and are harmful to bystanders, just as tobacco does. But the truth is that e-cigs contain barely detectable carcinogens, a fraction of those found in cigarettes, and none of the toxins in the quantities found in tobacco. So little, if any, harm can be done to the vaper, never mind anyone standing next to them.

While real cigarettes have a “side stream smoke” that can travel quite a way, with e-cigs the vapour evaporates very rapidly. Remember too that this is basically water vapour that does not smell offensive like traditional cigarette smoke.

Smokers Would Give Up Entirely if E-Cigarettes were Not Available?

Busting The Myths About E-cigarettes

Finally, as for the idea that if electronic cigarettes were not available anymore to smokers, they would just stop smoking altogether, or use more conventional aids for quitting, that’s nothing more than wishful thinking, plain and simple.

One study found that under a fifth of smokers would use traditional methods or try to stop cold turkey. Indeed, well over half, or 61%, suggested that in all probability they would go back to puffing away on tobacco if e-cigs were not available.

With so many myths about vaping around, it’s important to remember that’s just what they are. Myths, with no basis in reality or evidence.

Can I Take E Cigarettes on Airplanes?

Can I Take E Cigarettes on Airplanes?

For updates on the rulings about e-cigs on air planes as of August 2014, click here.

Electronic cigarettes have rapidly become the most popular smoking cessation aid in the UK, and are gaining popularity in a number of other countries around the world. If you're travelling, it's easy to apply nicotine patches or chew nicotine gum... but what are the regulations on e-cigarettes? Sadly, there's no simple answer - while some airlines will be happy for you to puff away, others may not be so keen. If you do take your e-cig with you, it's worth taking a sturdier model (we offer plenty here at Vapouriz) to avoid the risk of breakage, and make sure any e-liquid is taken on board in a plastic bag to avoid it being confiscated.

Vapes on a plane!

Vaping on a plane isn't technically illegal, so what's the problem? Well... you may get some concern from fellow passengers who might not be able to tell the difference, and may well risk the wrath of the cabin crew. Rather than expecting to be able to vape away, it's always wise to check airline policies beforehand, as some explicitly state that e-cigarettes are forbidden whilst in flight.

Electronic cigarettes on planes in the EU

As e-cigarettes are so popular and well recognised in parts of the EU, there are airlines such as RyanAir that are more than happy to let their passengers vape away. Make sure you read through airline policies when booking or speak to a member of the customer service team to check before you fly, however.

Electronic cigarettes on planes outside of the EU

US airlines in particular have cracked down on e-cigarette usage on planes, with a number of airlines banning them completely. As vaping is more popular in Europe and less common elsewhere in the world, it is always worth checking before you fly.

If in doubt: ask the cabin crewIt can sometimes be hard to tell what an airline's policy is before flying, without talking to them first. The important thing to remember is to check if you're unsure - ask the cabin crew before you set off to avoid any upset, embarrassment or panic from fellow passengers. If you are allowed to vape on board, it may be worth doing so in the rest room rather than at your seat, to avoid fellow passengers becoming anxious, and to allow you to vape in peace.

The Cost of Smoking vs The Cost of E-Cigarettes

The Cost of Smoking vs The Cost of E-Cigarettes

Friday 14th March, 2014 | Important Vaping Information | 1 Comment

The savings add up!

E-cigarettes have a huge number of benefits over smoking. Not only do they not contain the number of harmful chemicals that are found in cigarettes, but you'll avoid the smell of smoke clinging to your clothes and hair, and you'll save yourself a huge amount of money too. Whether you currently smoke a little or a lot, there are still big savings to be made by switching to e-cigarettes. If you're buying cheaper cigarettes at £7 for 20, and smoking 10 per day, you could make savings of upwards of £95.01 per month by making the big switch. Heavier smokers who are currently on 20 cigarettes a day and paying £8 per packet for the privilege could make savings of over £220.02 per month, just by switching to a Vapouriz tank and using this instead. Plus, by making this change, you'll also be doing your bit towards reducing the £2.7 billion cost to the NHS of tobacco-related treatments every year.

A Cheaper, Healthier Alternative to Smoking Tobacco

You can either choose from a cartridge-based e-cigarette, which features disposable cartridges that attach to the e-cigarette to provide that nicotine hit - or a tank which is filled with e-liquid before being used. Cartridge-based e-cigarettes are often found for sale in supermarkets and petrol stations and are often a starting point for those who are new to vaping... but are by no means the most cost-effective starting point. E-liquid is around a third of the price of refill cartridges - a 30ml bottle of e-liquid which costs £9.99, for example, will generally keep a 20 a day smoker going for 2-3 weeks. Likewise, the 10ml bottle will last for around a week and cost £4.99... Yes, a full week for less than the cost of one packet of 20 cigarettes!

Making the Switch Easier with Vapouriz:

If you're just starting out in your research into vaping, it can be hard to know where to start. (We'll help you with our Dictionary of Vaping terms!)E-cigarettes come in many different forms, colours, styles and even flavours, with terms such as cartomizer, atomizer and clearomizer often causing confusion. Our Vapouriz Tank Starter Kit Bundle is a great starting point, providing you with everything you need to start your e-cigarette journey and a choice of e-liquids in a range of flavours and strengths. The tanks themselves are available in a range of different colours to suit all personalities, and a wide range of refills are available, meaning that you can experiment to find your favourite. If this Vapouriz Tank starter kit is too big, then the Vapouriz EVO Tank may be better suited: it's the same size and weight as pre-filled cartridge e-cigarettes, but performs better and is great for those who still want the feel of a real cigarette while they get used to it. With a range of options available, there's an e-cigarette for everyone - and a huge amount of money to be saved too.

Vaping in the Workplace

Vaping in the Workplace

Friday 19th April, 2013 | Important Vaping Information | 2 Comments

With e-cigarettes gaining popularity, people are using e-cigarettes everywhere. There was recently a new post that highlighted the usage of e-cigarettes by teenagers who are not even of legal age to smoke. Another discussion is the usage of e-cigarettes at the workplace. Since e-cigarettes have no harmful side effects and cause no problems to the non-smokers around, vaping in the workplace has become very popular. But the big question that is in front of us is whether vaping in the workplace a good habit? Will it affect the others around us?

How did the concept of vaping in the workplace become popular?

As you might know already, e-cigarettes use water, flavouring agents, and nicotine to deliver the effect of smoking a cigarette. Even the smoke exhaled by people smoking e-cigarettes is just water vapour, which is completely harmless. That is the reason why smokers are increasingly smoking e-cigarettes in public. This trend has gone up to such a level that some employees are going as far as smoking e-cigarettes in the workplace. However, the non-smoking staff and the management group of many companies do not accept vaping in the workplace.

The reaction of employers

While there might be a few cases where employers might allow the smoking of e-cigarettes in the workplace, most employers are likely to oppose it. The Health Act that was introduced in 2006 actually defines smoking as inhaling and exhaling the smoke of a lit material, with or without nicotine. So, using e-cigarettes is also considered smoking by the health act.

However harmless the e-cigarettes might be, there is no doubt that the non-smoking community of the workplace will not approve of it. Smoking, as an act itself, is not encouraged. So, it will not matter if you smoke a real cigarette or an e-cigarette.

BMA opposes the use of e-cigarettes in public places

The British Medical Association, more popularly known as the BMA, has published a study that highlights the harmful effects that e-cigarette smoke has on the people who inhale it passively. The BMA has highlighted in its study that smoke-free legislation should extend to e-cigarettes as well. So, it is very unlikely that the usage of e-cigarettes in the workplace will actually be allowed and tolerated.

A simple suggestion is to avoid the usage of e-cigarettes in workplaces. Although you might argue that you are trying to kick the habit through the usage of e-cigarettes, do it in private. It will avoid controversies.

Vapouriz Headquarters welcomes its employees to use e-cigs in the office if they so wish and it is most definitely a 'smoke-free' zone!