Mixing Your Own E Liquid!

Mixing Your Own E-Juice

Do you like the idea of being able to make your OWN special blend of Vapouriz E-liquids?

If you answered YES, then we’re pleased to announce that this is totally doable (and an amazingly enjoyable way to spend an afternoon)!

Vapouriz E-Liquids, much like food and drink, can be mixed and as a vaper you are free to concoct any juice combo you like! If you like tobacco but find yourself growing a little tired of the same taste and want to shake things up a bit try adding a drop of your favourite fruit or menthol… or even both!

Keeping your Nicotine Levels the Same

Although our e-liquids are formulated to act as standalone flavours there is nothing in the Vapouriz rule book that says you can't mix them together for a super stimulating vaping experience. Furthermore, it is perfectly safe to mix together Vapouriz Premium E-Liquids!

If you are monitoring your nicotine intake then be sure to only mix together flavours of equal strength to keep the consistency. Doing this doesn’t mean you’ll be doubling the nicotine - it doesn't work like that.

Making Your Own E-Liquid Blend

Just like cooking, there are some flavour combinations which (in our opinion) are just not going to work. For instance, the idea of Cappuccino and Pineapple would most likely taste terrible! But really, who are we to say what you can handle. Vaping is all about the personal experience after all. Vapouriz’s official ‘e-liquid connoisseur’ is always rocking Cherry and Virginia Tobacco, Banana and Vanilla Velvet, and Coconut and Chocolate, so if you’re not sure where to start, give these a go.

Vapology is a great way of discovering for yourself your own preferences which will give you the best experience possible.

Tips for Mixing Your Own E-Liquid

When experimenting with this it's a good idea to use replaceable head clearomizers (such as the CE4 V3, or the Clear Tank) so if you mix up flavours that are not to your liking you are able to change them easily. This is also a more cost effective way of perfecting your blend.

E-Liquid Mixes Recommended by us

Banana + Vanilla Velvet = Banana Milkshake
Vanilla Velvet + Raspberry = Raspberry Icecream
Coconut (BETA) + Chocolate (BETA) = Bounty
Virginia Tobacco + Cherry = Why not!

If YOU come up with a real winner of a mix - Vapouriz want to hear about it! So please let us know what your perfect mix is in the comments below and you never know… we might even produce it.