E-Liquid Flavours for all Occasions

Friday 29th August, 2014 | Mixing E-Liquids

With 1.5 million Brits estimated to be smoking electronic cigarettes by the end of 2014, vapour e-cigarettes are a fantastic way of staving off cravings. Another benefit is that with e-liquids, you can also choose your unique vapour flavour. Vapouriz has a fantastic range of e liquids available online. From just £2.99 a bottle (which will last the average 20-a-day smoker a whole week), you can change it up and pick your favourite Desert Island flavour. Choose your favourite pure flavour or play the scientist and mix your own blend. The joy of vaping is making your e-cigarette your very own.

Now, to make things even more exciting, enticing and different, Vapouriz has introduced a range of 5 exclusive e-liquid flavours called the Pocket Fuel range. These are manufactured in the UK using the highest quality ingredients to deliver you a safe nicotine hit that will help satisfy your cravings without causing the health detriments of traditional smoking. We pride ourselves in being industry-frontiers when it comes to e-liquids (hence why we take our inspiration from all around the world) and are delighted to introduce our 5 new, American-themed e-liquids: Vapes of Hazzard; Blackjack; Pink Fizz; Gator Juice; and Moonshine. Now you have even more flavours to choose your favourite from.

Pocket Fuel Blackjack e-juice

E-Liquid Flavours for all Occasions

If the casino themed bottle isn't enough to entice you in, then were sure that the sweet, distinctive flavour of aniseed/liquorice will. Blackjack e-juice is sure to give our customers waves of nostalgia, with the liquorice flavour bringing back sweet memories of black jelly beans and aniseed balls. It's a strong flavour that lends itself really well to the vaporiser, giving you a hit that really hits the back of the throat and fills your mouth with flavour. It's sure to become a firm favourite with e-liquid smokers everywhere, so take a gamble with Blackjack and pick up a bottle today for just £4.99.

Pocket Fuel Gator Juice e-juice

E-Liquid Flavours for all Occasions

For those that love to mix their own e-liquid flavour, liking something fruity with an after hit of refreshing mint, Gator Juice is the choice for you. At first, Gator Juice will fill your mouth with a juicy, sweet hit of citrus; clean, refreshing and a little bit punchy. When the citrus vapour evaporates, you're left with a super refreshing, icy mint taste. Expertly blending citrus fruits including orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit, Pocket Fuel Gator Juice is an absolute must for anyone who loves a citrus flavour (in their e-liquid vaporiser or otherwise). The sting of lasting mint freshness afterwards makes it the perfect combination for those who like a bit of a bite in their vapour.

Pocket Fuel Moonshine e-juice

E-Liquid Flavours for all Occasions

Remember the good old days when a bottle of home brew liquor would make it's way around a party? No? Well, that's probably because you weren't in America during the 1920s! However, if you want a hit of bootleg liquor (an almost sweet taste of alcohol with a strong aroma), this kitsch e-liquid is definitely one for you. It’s contraband alcohol with a kick of caffeine e-liquid and is sure to give you a boot in the behind! The unique flavour is sure to be a talking point in the liquid e-cigarette community. Pick up a bottle for just £4.99 now. Just make sure you don't mix it in the bath before you use it!

Pocket Fuel Pink Fizz e-juice

E-Liquid Flavours for all Occasions

Ladies (and gentlemen partial to a drop of pink fizz themselves), the flavour we’ve all been waiting for it finally here. Pocket Fuel Pink Fizz combines luxurious champagne and a hint of strawberries, making it THE indulgent e-liquid of the moment. Let your mouth be filled with the iconic summer taste of Wimbledon, picnics, weddings and celebrations. This fruity little number is not just for the women out there, men who like something a little bit sweeter will also enjoy the vapour created. In terms of creating an iconic taste without making it synthetic tasting and overly sweet, Pocket Fuel have hit the nail on the head with this one. Get involved and make an order now. At just £4.99 a bottle, you’ll want to have a taste of this beauty before summer is over.

Pocket Fuel Vapes of Hazzard e-juice

E-Liquid Flavours for all Occasions

For the traditionalists out there that aren’t enticed by the appeal of something fruitier, sweeter, mintier or even boozier, Pocket Fuel Vapes of Hazzard is the elite e-liquid in classic tobacco flavour. Get your plaid shirt on and chew on a piece of grass as this pure, tobacco fragrance makes you feel like you’ve stepped straight out of the Deep South. Sweet, punching, spicy and pure, this is the ultimate e-liquid for satisfying your cravings. Pocket Fuel Vapes of Hazzard E Juice has been expertly blended to ensure you the very best in tobacco flavour that won’t leave a lingering, stale taste in your mouth. We’ve tested this product extensively to make sure that we deliver you the very best tobacco e-liquid on the market.

From just £2.99, you can pick up all 5 of these brand new, exclusive signature flavours today. The joy of e-liquids is that you can change the flavour up as often as you like, meaning you aren’t becoming bored and tired of your vapour e cigarette and reaching for the real things. Your e-cigarette, your way. That’s the tailored experience that Vapouriz aims to bring our customers.