Double Drip 50/50

What Is 50/50 E-Liquid?

Vaping brings with it a lot of technical jargon. From ohms to mech mods, squonkers to RDAs and every RTA and RDTA in between, the long list of vape-specific language can often be daunting, and even off-putting, for a new vaper.

This specialised language also extends to e-liquids as more and more variations become available to suit different styles of vaping. Gone are the days when all you had to do is decipher whether you need a classic or a sub ohm vape juice: now there’s an ever-growing list which includes nic salts, nicotine shots, pre-filled pods, short fills and 50/50 e-liquid. And true to the nature of vaping, it is very likely that these varying formulations will continue to expand in their numbers and natures as vaping itself evolves over time.

At Vapouriz, we strive to remove any exclusivity from the practice of vaping. Rather, we believe vaping and the general use of e-cigarettes should be accessible for everyone as a means of smoking cessation and a way of exploring amazing new flavours. We want to take some of the headaches out of choosing the perfect e-liquid to suit your personal needs and preferences because, beneath all of the complicated language and baffling abbreviations, it’s really quite simple once you know the basics.

If you’re familiar with vaping in any way, you may have heard the expression “50/50” used to describe certain e-liquids. 50/50 e-liquid is called so because it contains a 50% Vegetable Glycerine, 50% Propylene Glycol ratio, which allows for an extremely versatile vaping experience. These e-liquids can be used in both classic and sub-ohm devices and are specifically designed to replicate a MTL (mouth-to-lung) hit similar to smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette, whilst also being suitable for DL (direct-lung) inhalation.

Because 50/50 liquids contain an equal blend of each substance, they provide an ideal balance between flavour delivery and vapour production, making them a great starting point for novice vapers. The 50% PG 50% VG formulation creates the best PG/VG ratio for flavour and forms a perfect liquid base in which to blend flavouring and nicotine, resulting in a beautiful balance of clouds, nicotine hit and satisfying flavour.

Double Drip’s Brand-New 50/50 Range

Our flavour experts felt it was important to craft our very own line of 50/50 Double Drip e-liquid blends because, quite simply, 50/50 gives you more freedom and we’re all about enhancing your experience here at Vapouriz. Whether you keep it discreet with a classic pen-style kit, go big with a box mod or fit somewhere in between, this e-liquid range is the one for you and can offer unbelievable performance when used with pretty much any style of e-cigarette kit.

Our Double Drip 50/50 vape juices are composed of various flavours including fruits, tobaccos, menthols, sweets and desserts, so you’re bound to find something to suit your individual tastes and preferences.

For a satisfying tobacco vape, try our Double Drip 50/50 Original Tobacco blend featuring the deep and robust taste of classic tobacco with a smooth, rich aftertaste. Those looking for something a bit more minty will enjoy the sub-zero refreshment of Menthol Tobacco with its invigorating burst of fresh menthol set against a backdrop of woody tobacco.

Feeling decadent? Then give our luxurious Caramel Tobacco vape a try, rich with delicate vanilla bean, aromatic tobacco leaf and a swirl of buttery golden-brown caramel.

Fruit fanatics will find themselves salivating at the many options available in our collection, including Blackberry & Grape with its appetising notes of crisp red grapes and lush, ripe blackberries.

Another great option for fruit lovers is Double Drip’s Raspberry & Apple 50/50 blend, which invites an inhale of crisp orchard-fresh apple to sprawl itself over the tongue, bathing the taste buds in serenely-green flavour so fresh you can almost hear it crunch. The exhale is alive with the taste of tart, tangy raspberries which bite through the initial smoothness of the apple to create a multi-dimensional taste sensation of epic proportions.

For something with a bit of added fizz, we definitely recommend treating your tank to a generous helping of Super Berry Sherbet. This ludicrously juicy blend of ripened red berries dusted in a glittering layer of sweet sugary sherbet promises billowing clouds of flavour, with a barrage of strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries engaged in a never-ending tussle for your taste bud’s attention.

We’ve also crafted Lemon Sherbet and Raspberry Sherbet blends for outrageously zingy flavour paired with a fruity accompaniment.

Dedicated devotees of desserts will love our Cherry Bakewell vape which effortlessly captures the taste of a light, fluffy sponge cake topped with sweet raspberry jam and sugared icing.

We’ve got all this and much more in our brand-new Double Drip 50/50 collection, so have a browse and find your perfect flavour – regardless of your kit or coil.

Let Double Drip help to keep your cravings at bay without compromising on flavour.

E-liquid flavours for cold weather

E-liquid flavours for cold weather

Spring still feels far off and whether you live for the cold weather or are counting down the days until the warm sun returns, we’ve got the e-liquid flavours to get you through the end of the winter season.

From childhood classics to creative spins on popular flavours like mint and menthol, we’ve rounded up a few of the best flavours for this time of year.

And for anyone who hates winter – we’ve picked a few delicious and vibrant flavours that will make you feel there’s sand beneath your feet rather than snow.

Candy cane - Bottle up the taste of winter with this delicious e-liquid that harks back to a classic childhood treat. You get a hit of fresh peppermint blended with the sweet taste of strawberry candy. Pocket Fuel e-liquids are all Max VG formulas, ideal for sub-ohm vapers who love to keep things sweet.

Black Ice – Pure Evil’s delicious e-liquid gives a whole new meaning to the term black ice. This delicious flavour was originally released as a special edition flavour but was so popular with vapers that it’s now part of Pure Evil’s permanent line up. You get the frozen taste of menthol mixed with blackcurrant and aniseed – it’s got plenty of big and bold flavour to keep you going all winter long.

Menthol Special Blend – There’s a reason people love menthol rub when they’re sick with whatever winter bug is going around. It’s like a breath of deep, cold air. Menthol Special Blend bottles the cool, crisp feeling of menthol to help you appreciate the cold without actually having to feel it.

Tobacco Coffee – A hot cup of coffee is the perfect antidote to a cold day. This delicious Tobacco Coffee e-liquids from The Coffee House is rich, aromatic and warming – perfect for when you want a little pick me up throughout the day.

Gluttony– Pure Evil’s Gluttony brings the warming flavour of vanilla to the table for a vape that’s sweet, comforting and delicious. You get creamy and indulgent vanilla with just a hint of custard for extra sweetness and plenty of fragrant cloud.

Ice mint – Take the fresh taste of mint and put it on ice with this delicious e-liquid. It’s cool, clean and crisp – perfect for a refreshing vape. There’s great throat hit and plenty of bite to make for a delicious all-day vape.

Sun Drip – If the cold weather has you dreaming of warmer days, heat things up a little with Double Drip’s Sun Drip Coil Sauce. It’s the tangy taste of fresh pink grapefruit, perfectly paired with juicy tangerine and sweet apricot. It’s bright and vibrant – the exact opposite of the weather outside.

Twisted Ice Cream – Double Drip’s Twisted Ice Cream is the perfect pick-me-up for anyone who hates the winter weather. Enjoy the tropical taste of ice cream with this sweet and creamy blend. You get a twist of strawberry, lime and vanilla with just a hint of citrus aftertaste.

Mixing Your Own E-liquid

Mixing Your Own E-liquid

As vaping grows ever more popular, there's no shortage of flavours on the market to try - from the classic hit of tobacco to the warm taste of pastry, these days if you can dream it, you can do it.

If you've never quite managed to find that perfect e-juice, it might be time to mix your own. The same way vapers have found countless ways to customise their e-cig setup using hardware, more and more people are looking at how they can create their own signature blends, too.

You don't need to be a chemistry major to figure it out - mixing your own e-liquid is a matter of getting the right ingredients and finding a flavour you love.

Starting from scratch

All e-liquids are made from a combination of the same components; a PG (propylene glycol) or VG (vegetable glycerin) base, flavouring, and nicotine.

The majority of e-liquids on the market use combination of PG and VG as a base - 50/50 is a common concentration, but it varies depending on what you're looking for.

The higher the PG concentration, the stronger the flavour and throat hit will be. Vegetable glycerin on the other hand is what gives you plenty of thick, luscious cloud. It gives off a lighter throat hit and is a thicker, more viscous liquid.

The next two essential components are your flavouring and nicotine. Avoiding nicotine altogether can make the whole process of mixing e-liquids faster and more straightforward.

If you do want to use nicotine¹, you'll need to source some diluted liquid nicotine and the proper safety gear to use it - undiluted liquid nicotine is a poison that can cause sickness, blindness and even death. Read up carefully on how to use it and take every precaution when handling it and make sure it's kept under lock and key, away from pets and children and anyone who might mistakenly use it for something else.

The last thing to consider is flavour - you'll need to source food-grade additives and flavourings if you want to ensure great taste for your custom blend.

Quick mixing

For a handful of enthusiasts, mixing e-liquids from scratch is a fun and satisfying pastime. But for the rest of us just on the hunt for the perfect blend, it can be a bit more effort than we're willing to put in.

One of the simplest ways to make your own flavour is to blend two juices together to create a new taste. Our Vapouriz Premium e-liquids are a great place to start - we have 65 individual flavours you can mix and match to create new combinations, and because they all have a 70/30 PG/VG mix you don't have to worry about balancing the volume of your bases. All you need to do is blend them together until you get just the right taste. If you're watching your nicotine intake, make sure you mix flavours of equal strength.

Next it's all down to your taste buds - flavours like vanilla and menthol blend really well with a whole range of flavours - menthol gives a refreshing twist, while vanilla blended with berry brings out the creamy taste of ice cream.

¹DISCLAIMER: Anything read in this article is for educational purposes only. Nicotine is a POISON which can cause sickness, blindness and even death if used incorrectly! If you decide to use nicotine in your own mixes you are doing so at your own risk. You are advised to read up fully on how to use it, including wear protive gear, and how to store it away safely to avoid misuse or accidental poisoning.

E-liquid flavours for summer

E-liquid flavours for summer

Tuesday 5th July, 2016 | Mixing E-Liquids

If you’re looking for a refreshing and fruity e-liquid to try out in the sunshine, check out the top e-liquid flavours for summer on the Vapouriz vape blog.

Summer has arrived — and though Blighty isn't exactly competing with the likes of Turkey, Greece or Spain in terms of temperature, the sunny summer days mean people all over the country are looking for ways to relax and keep cool.

The same way the stodgy meals of winter don't appeal in the summer, we're swapping out hot for cold, and that even applies to vaping.

If you're looking for some light, refreshing flavours that remind you of holidays and summer fruit, here's a rundown of some of the best e-liquid flavours to try this summer.

Gin & Tonic — Tangy, bitter and fizzy with a bite, there's few more classic tastes of summer than an ice cold Gin & Tonic with lime. This e-liquid captures the flavour perfectly, bringing with it a delightfully refreshing aroma.

Wimbledon Strawberry — It's not truly summer until Wimbledon starts, and this delicious Vapouriz Platinum e-liquid is perfect to get you into the sprit when Andy Murray takes to the court.

Strawberry & Lime Cider — There are few things better than a crisp, cold cider on a hot day, and this Strawberry & Lime Cider e-liquid offers that tart, refreshing taste that instantly transports you back to the pub garden.

Ice Mint — Fresher than fresh. This e-liquid is cool, clean and crisp — perfect for the scorching hot summer days.

Summer Cool — All the best tastes of summer combine in this delicious e-liquid. There's bright, fresh raspberry, tangy cherry and a bright kick of menthol to make Summer Cool light and refreshing all in one.

Mango and Peach — If summer has you dreaming of tropical getaways, try this fresh and juicy mango and peach e-liquid. Refreshing, sweet and fruity, enjoy the distinct taste of mango and peach with a sweet scent, too.

Blue Raspberry — Sweet and refreshing and perfect for summer. Fragrant and tangy, this e-liquid offers the refreshing taste of blue slushy or snowcone.

Pure Evil Cold Blooded — Fresh mixed berries mixed with icy mint for a cool and refreshing taste that's not too sweet or delicate.

Menthol Mist — Menthol infused with peppermint makes this Menthol Mist e-liquid one of the most refreshing there is. Like taking a deep breath on a cold, crisp day, with the subtle taste of sweet mint.

Strawberries & Cream — Strawberries & Cream is a quintessential British summer classic, and this summertime flavour helps you enjoy the taste without all the calories. Fruity, smooth and refreshing, enjoy the sweet taste of strawberry with a smooth aftertaste of cream.

Watermelon — It doesn't get much more sweet and tropical than this. Delicious, fragrant and perfectly refreshing, it's just the right blend of sweet without being too sugary.

E-Liquid Flavours for all Occasions

E-Liquid Flavours for all Occasions

Friday 29th August, 2014 | Mixing E-Liquids

With 1.5 million Brits estimated to be smoking electronic cigarettes by the end of 2014, vapour e-cigarettes are a fantastic way of staving off cravings. Another benefit is that with e-liquids, you can also choose your unique vapour flavour. Vapouriz has a fantastic range of e liquids available online. From just £2.99 a bottle (which will last the average 20-a-day smoker a whole week), you can change it up and pick your favourite Desert Island flavour. Choose your favourite pure flavour or play the scientist and mix your own blend. The joy of vaping is making your e-cigarette your very own.

Now, to make things even more exciting, enticing and different, Vapouriz has introduced a range of 5 exclusive e-liquid flavours called the Pocket Fuel range. These are manufactured in the UK using the highest quality ingredients to deliver you a safe nicotine hit that will help satisfy your cravings without causing the health detriments of traditional smoking. We pride ourselves in being industry-frontiers when it comes to e-liquids (hence why we take our inspiration from all around the world) and are delighted to introduce our 5 new, American-themed e-liquids: Vapes of Hazzard; Blackjack; Pink Fizz; Gator Juice; and Moonshine. Now you have even more flavours to choose your favourite from.

Pocket Fuel Blackjack e-juice

E-Liquid Flavours for all Occasions

If the casino themed bottle isn't enough to entice you in, then were sure that the sweet, distinctive flavour of aniseed/liquorice will. Blackjack e-juice is sure to give our customers waves of nostalgia, with the liquorice flavour bringing back sweet memories of black jelly beans and aniseed balls. It's a strong flavour that lends itself really well to the vaporiser, giving you a hit that really hits the back of the throat and fills your mouth with flavour. It's sure to become a firm favourite with e-liquid smokers everywhere, so take a gamble with Blackjack and pick up a bottle today for just £4.99.

Pocket Fuel Gator Juice e-juice

E-Liquid Flavours for all Occasions

For those that love to mix their own e-liquid flavour, liking something fruity with an after hit of refreshing mint, Gator Juice is the choice for you. At first, Gator Juice will fill your mouth with a juicy, sweet hit of citrus; clean, refreshing and a little bit punchy. When the citrus vapour evaporates, you're left with a super refreshing, icy mint taste. Expertly blending citrus fruits including orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit, Pocket Fuel Gator Juice is an absolute must for anyone who loves a citrus flavour (in their e-liquid vaporiser or otherwise). The sting of lasting mint freshness afterwards makes it the perfect combination for those who like a bit of a bite in their vapour.

Pocket Fuel Moonshine e-juice

E-Liquid Flavours for all Occasions

Remember the good old days when a bottle of home brew liquor would make it's way around a party? No? Well, that's probably because you weren't in America during the 1920s! However, if you want a hit of bootleg liquor (an almost sweet taste of alcohol with a strong aroma), this kitsch e-liquid is definitely one for you. It’s contraband alcohol with a kick of caffeine e-liquid and is sure to give you a boot in the behind! The unique flavour is sure to be a talking point in the liquid e-cigarette community. Pick up a bottle for just £4.99 now. Just make sure you don't mix it in the bath before you use it!

Pocket Fuel Pink Fizz e-juice

E-Liquid Flavours for all Occasions

Ladies (and gentlemen partial to a drop of pink fizz themselves), the flavour we’ve all been waiting for it finally here. Pocket Fuel Pink Fizz combines luxurious champagne and a hint of strawberries, making it THE indulgent e-liquid of the moment. Let your mouth be filled with the iconic summer taste of Wimbledon, picnics, weddings and celebrations. This fruity little number is not just for the women out there, men who like something a little bit sweeter will also enjoy the vapour created. In terms of creating an iconic taste without making it synthetic tasting and overly sweet, Pocket Fuel have hit the nail on the head with this one. Get involved and make an order now. At just £4.99 a bottle, you’ll want to have a taste of this beauty before summer is over.

Pocket Fuel Vapes of Hazzard e-juice

E-Liquid Flavours for all Occasions

For the traditionalists out there that aren’t enticed by the appeal of something fruitier, sweeter, mintier or even boozier, Pocket Fuel Vapes of Hazzard is the elite e-liquid in classic tobacco flavour. Get your plaid shirt on and chew on a piece of grass as this pure, tobacco fragrance makes you feel like you’ve stepped straight out of the Deep South. Sweet, punching, spicy and pure, this is the ultimate e-liquid for satisfying your cravings. Pocket Fuel Vapes of Hazzard E Juice has been expertly blended to ensure you the very best in tobacco flavour that won’t leave a lingering, stale taste in your mouth. We’ve tested this product extensively to make sure that we deliver you the very best tobacco e-liquid on the market.

From just £2.99, you can pick up all 5 of these brand new, exclusive signature flavours today. The joy of e-liquids is that you can change the flavour up as often as you like, meaning you aren’t becoming bored and tired of your vapour e cigarette and reaching for the real things. Your e-cigarette, your way. That’s the tailored experience that Vapouriz aims to bring our customers.

Consider Other Flavours of E-cigarette to give up

Consider Other Flavours of E-cigarette to give up

Friday 25th April, 2014 | Mixing E-Liquids

One of the most popular aspects of electronic cigarettes is the sudden world of flavours which opens up before you. While most conventional smokers seem content with whatever tobacco taste is pushed across the shop counter, those who take the electronic approach can curate and craft their experience. The abundance of flavours and styles which are available when using e-cigarettes represents the kind of choice which you would have to work ten times as hard to find in the world of conventional smoking products, but which e-liquid flavours are most suited to your needs?

Tobacco Flavours are Always Popular

Consider Other Flavours of E-cigarette to give up

For many people, the e-cigarette is a replacement for their conventional smoking. With the ability to use it in most pubs and clubs, and as a more socially accepted way of indulging oneself, the electronic smoking devices are often a way in which one can enjoy the same smooth taste which they have grown accustomed to but in far more locations. This is why one of the most popular flavours is always tobacco.

By replicating the taste and feel of a traditional smoking experience, the artificial version can be a great way in which to both enjoy yourself indoors and move away from the often lambasted habit of cigarettes.

A Huge Range of E Liquid Flavours

Consider Other Flavours of E-cigarette to give up

For some people, however, traditional tastes and flavours are just the start. As they continue to discover the possibilities and the benefits which are brought forth by vaping, they often choose to branch out into different flavours. It might start with purchasing one vanilla product along with the usual Virginia tobacco, but soon enough, the variety and potential offered by the huge amount of flavours has you trying every different variant. From Watermelon to Gin and Tonic, Blueberries to Bubblegum, the amount of flavours which are on offer might stagger the uninitiated. They all work in the same manner as the conventional e-cigarette products and can be purchased from the same place. Unlike old school smoking experiences, you do not have to track down a special shop or learn to roll your own cigarettes in order to bring a little flavour into your experience.


Vaping is the Future for Smokers

Consider Other Flavours of E-cigarette to give up

But the possibilities offered by the variety of tastes on offer is not limited to yourself. In a social situation, the ability to offer and share a huge multitude of different e-cigarette experiences can be both fun and satisfying. While traditional tobacco products might not be seen as the most fun or exciting products having remained unchanged for so long, the e-cigarette experience could be just what you need to bring a bit of flavour into your life.