Miley Cyrus on Leo's Award Show Vaping

Monday 5th October, 2015 | Celebrities that Vape

It seems not everyone is a fan of Miley Cyrus as Leonardo DiCaprio proved recently at the recording Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary Special in February.

The ex-Hannah Montana star was very vocal about being upset that the A-list celeb didn’t offer to share his e-cigarette with her.

Miley Cyrus on Leo's Award Show Vaping

Miley claims Leo was puffing away on an e-cig but didn't extend the offer for the 22-year-old to join him. "I was 20 feet, 15 feet from Leonardo DiCaprio, sitting there with his mom," she told Jimmy Fallon whilst appearing on his self-titled talk show. "He was hitting a vape pen. But it wasn’t him that was making me kinda nervous’’

Miley Cyrus on Leo's Award Show Vaping

She continued ‘’I was feeling this emotion because there’s a certain etiquette of, when we're there, that you pass that s**t, Leo! And he never did, so that was weird to me."

He was bogarting the vape?’ asked Fallon inquired

‘He wasn’t passing the vape,’ confirmed Cyrus, whilst doing a strange impression of Leo’s apparently half-closed eye look.

There seems to be an unwritten rule that unless you are the best of friends you don’t share your e-cigarette with anyone – unless of course, you have bought your own drip tip!

Miley Cyrus on Leo's Award Show Vaping

So, it seems that even A-List celebs don’t share their e-cigarettes with other people.

What’s your thoughts on sharing?