Courtney Love Appears in Vaping Ad

Friday 19th April, 2013 | Celebrities that Vape

In an attempt to promote electronic cigarettes among the people, a popular electronic cigarette brand signed Courtney Love to shoot a video advertisement for them. This advertisement is approximately 50 seconds long and Courtney promotes electronic cigarettes in this ad in her unique style. The company officials feel that Courtney's presence in the advertisement will appeal to the people, and it will attract more customers toward their brand. They are extremely happy with the way the advertisement has turned out.

The details of the advertisement

This 50 second video advertisement is shot in a very chic way, and it would appeal to all the youngsters. In the video, Courtney is spotted smoking by an older woman. The older woman is bothered by her behaviour, and she approaches Courtney to tell her that she isn't supposed to smoke indoors. The highlight of the advertisement is Courtney's stern response to the woman, where she points out that she is smoking an electronic cigarette.

The people who have watched this commercial stated that they loved it as it represented Courtney's personal style. In addition to this, a lot of people stated that they could relate to the advertisement because people still frown upon smokers, especially female smokers. Courtney stated that she enjoyed filming this advertisement for the company. She even stated that she is going to make her ending statement of the ad her new catchphrase. She feels that people need to be more open-minded about smoking. Since electronic cigarettes are a safer option in comparison to tobacco cigarettes she was delighted to promote them.

A unique advertisement for a smoking brand

According to industry experts, this advertisement is very unique in comparison to other electronic smoking cigarette ads. This is because, most electronic cigarette advertisements focus on the flavours offered by the company, or the nicotine content in the cigarettes. However, this ad gives smoking an electronic cigarette a cool appeal. It also points out that smoking these cigarettes indoors should be acceptable, because they have very little nicotine content.

Experts are hoping that many other electronic cigarette companies will be inspired by this advertisement and come up with unique promotional campaigns to promote their products. They also feel that electronic cigarette companies need to advertise in order to educated the masses, and promote the positive effects of smoking electronic cigarettes, so that people don’t frown upon it.