Wednesday 20th May will mark a historic moment in the battle to reduce deaths from smoking with a complete ban on the sale and manufacture of menthol flavoured cigarettes, tobacco and cigarettes that contain mint-flavoured capsules.

The new legislation behind the ban is derived from the European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive: a raft of regulations that came into force in 2016 to legislate the tobacco industry and reduce the harm from smoking – the number one cause of preventable deaths in the world.

Specifically, the legislation targets tobacco products with a “characterising flavour.” A “characterising flavour” means a smell or taste other than tobacco which is clearly noticeable before or during consumption and results from an additive or combination of additives, including menthol and others.

The ban will come into effect on the 20th May across all member states of the European Union, including the UK. The ban is unaffected by the UK leaving the EU, however.

The move isn’t confined to the EU alone. Many countries around the world are currently looking into tightening control on the sale of ‘flavoured’ cigarettes and tobacco, such as menthol products. Brazil has already banned those products and the United States looks set to introduce similar legislation.

What is Banned?


The legislation, derived from the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive 2016, specifically bans the sale and manufacture of:

A filter, paper, package, capsule or other component containing flavourings

A filter, paper or capsule containing tobacco or nicotine or a technical feature allowing the consumer to modify the smell, taste, or smoke intensity of the product.

The menthol ban does not apply to e-cigarettes and e-liquids or oral nicotine pouches, capsules or gum.

The spirit of the legislation asserts, rightly, that menthol flavoured tobacco products provide an easier gateway into the harms of smoking and a long-term dependence thanks to the mint or menthol additives which disguise the harshness of tobacco, often making smoking feel more comfortable.

We understand that many smokers of menthol cigarettes might feel alarmed about the imminent ban on menthol flavoured tobacco. Such is the addictive nature of tobacco, flavoured or otherwise, that any threat to stubbornly entrenched habits like smoking can feel troubling on a deeply visceral level. But it is important to remember that menthol cigarettes contain just as many harmful chemicals – almost 3,000 – as regular cigarettes and tobacco, so the Menthol Cigarette Ban really is a significant step towards saving many lives.

Fortunately, if you’re a menthol smoker, there is hope… and believe us when we say that hope never tasted so good.

Make the Switch to Menthol Vaping


Menthol e-liquids have been around almost as long as vaping has, nearly fifteen years, and in that time menthol and mint e-liquids have just got better and better, so that now they are among the most popular e-juices among both new and experienced vapers. Adored for their invigorating refreshment and clean, crisp taste, menthol e-liquids are here to stay.

At Vapouriz, we’re proud to have been among the foremost UK pioneers of amazing menthol e-liquids, improving on the refreshing satisfaction menthol offers across a galaxy of flavours combinations, as well as mastering the purest, most definitive menthol vaping experiences.

With a menthol vape, you get the same cool kick and satisfying throat hit that you’re used to with traditional menthol tobacco, but with none of the nasties. Menthol-based e-liquids only contain propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) food-grade flavourings and nicotine (or zero-nicotine.) That’s it. You can even save money thanks to amazing deals on e-liquid bundles and hardware at Vapouriz.

With Public Health England stating that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, there’s never been a better time to switch to vaping menthol. So why not introduce yourself to our delicious range of high-quality menthol e-liquids. Refreshment awaits!

Vapouriz Premium Range:

(high PG), nicotine strengths 6 – 18mg

Our Premium range delivers a classic vape experience thanks to a higher concentration of PG over VG. This provides the satisfying throat hit most smokers are used to from cigarettes, so these e-liquids are perfect for new vapers who have recently quit. High-PG liquids often have more pronounced flavour over cloud production, and are perfect for use in classic vape starter kits, including pen-style kits and pod kits.

ice mint

Ice Mint

Vapouriz Ice Mint is the perfect flavour for anyone who likes to keep things fresh and minty. This liquid provides a crisp, cool and clean taste. It's a light all-day vape and perfect for those hot summer days when you need to feel cool, calm and collected.

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Millionaires Menthol

How the high-rollers vape: our Millionaires Menthol is perfect for those seeking a strong hit of menthol that's super smooth on both the inhale and exhale. It's decadent blast of cool, fresh flavour - like vaping at the prow of your own luxury yacht!

menthol special

Menthol Special Blend

A classic Menthol flavour e-liquid with a Vapouriz twist. This provides an awesome throat hit without being overpowering. Fresh and clean, this is amazing on its own but great to mix with other e-liquids to give them a bit of pep. Try mixing it with various fruit or berry flavours and prepare to be blown away!

Vapouriz 50/50 Range:

Nicotine Strengths 3 – 12mg

Our 50/50 range of menthol e-liquids offer the perfect balance between flavour, throat hit and cloud production. With their ratio of 50% PG and 50% VG, the range delivers wonderfully clean flavour, a smooth yet tactile throat hit and satisfying clouds. Their versatile enough to be used in many kinds of devices including starter kits and pod kits.

cool menthol 5050

Cool Menthol 50/50 10ml

Cool Menthol from the Vapouriz 50:50 series is a mellow mix of pure menthol infused with crisp mint leaves, offering mind-blowing refreshment when used in any style of e-cigarette setup. You can vape this e-juice on its own for an invigorating taste sensation or add it to another 50:50 blend for a menthol kick.

double menthol 5050

Double Menthol 50/50 10ml

Twice the flavour with this doubly-delicious helping of fresh mint leaves on cooling menthol. Sharpen your senses with a twin-barrelled blast of mint and menthol.

menthol tobacco 5050

Menthol Tobacco 50/50 10ml

Menthol tobacco offers a rich and full-bodied tobacco flavour and is wonderfully complemented by a smooth wave of deeply invigorating menthol. If you're worried about missing menthol cigarettes after the 20th May ban, this is the eliquid for you.

Vapouriz Nicotine Salt Range:

Nicotine Strengths 10mg & 20mg

Nicotine Salt - or nic salt - eliquids allows a higher concentration or nicotine to be vaped without a harsh throat hit, which makes nic salt juices an uncanny match for the sensation of smoking a real cigarette. Because they’re vaped on low wattage devices, Nic salt e-liquid is best used with starter kits and pod kits.

menthol sp blend nic salt

Menthol Special Blend Nic Salts 10ml

Our best-selling e-liquid is now available in a satisfying salt nic blend! Menthol Special Blend is a classic menthol flavour made deliciously multi-dimensional with spearmint and peppermint set against a pure menthol base. Fresh, clean and endlessly invigorating, Menthol Special Blend is delicious on its own and ideal for adding a dash of refreshment to other flavoured e-liquids.

mil menth salts

Millionaires Menthol Nic Salts 10ml

This outrageously cool, refreshing e-juice from the Vapouriz Nic Salts collection is strictly for menthol maniacs! A base of fresh mint is made even more mind-blowing with an injection of extra-strength menthol, resulting in a clean, crisp vape which is delicious on its own and even better when added to another e-juice for a menthol kick.

double-menthiol nic salts

Double Menthol Nic Salts 10ml

This intensely-invigorating blend features an inhale of fresh mint leaves to instantly awaken the senses, followed by a blast of cool menthol to really blow away to cobwebs. This minty mixture is delicious on its own as a pure menthol blend but equally tasty when added to another flavour e-juice for a minty-fresh exhale.