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Vapouriz ONE Sub Series Box Mod & ONE Atomizer

+ Free Sub-Ohm E-Liquid

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Vapouriz ONE Sub Series Box Mod & ONE Atomizer
Vapouriz ONE Sub Series Box Mod & ONE Atomizer
Vapouriz ONE Sub Series Box Mod & ONE Atomizer
Product Reviews

Vapouriz ONE Sub Series Box Mod

Get started with sub-ohm vaping with the Vapouriz ONE Sub Series Box Mod. This is the complete kit for anyone new to sub-ohm vaping or experienced vapers who want a great piece of kit without the hassle. Set includes ONE Clearomizer and a free bottle of sub-ohm max VG E-Liquid. Choose from Pure Evil & Pocket Fuel.

What's in the box
1 x Vapouriz ONE 50w Fixed Watt Box Mod
1 x Vapouriz One Atomizer
1 x USB Charge Cable
1 x FREE bottle of Sub-Ohm E-Liquid

Tech spec
0.3 ohm
Fixed Wattage
Ergonomic Design

Pure Evil Flavour Profiles
Lust - A strawberry & custard potion to satisfy your desire
Gluttony - A creamy & indulgent vanilla to warm your bones
Greed - A sweet rice & mango blend to have you hungry for more
Wrath - A raspberry blend enraged with coconut for a furiously delicious vape
Pride - This cooling butterscotch blend will result in pure gratification
Envy - an intensely desirable juice of spiced apples & secrets
Sloth - A slowly matured blend of 7 berries for an all day mellow vape

Pocket Fuel Flavour Profiles
Rainbow - A fruit candy blend of juicy, zingy and vibrant citrus with hints of soft berries
Menthol Mist - Brilliant menthol blend that's infused with peppermint
Pink Fizz - A fabulous pink berry champagne cocktail. A fizzy favourite!

It's a good quality mod for the money, comfortable in the hand and good build quality. My only gripe is I find the ONE clearomizer gets uncomfortably hot after only a couple of pulls, which I find makes getting good deep hits almost impossible. I will try it with a larger clearomizer to see if it better handles the fixed wattage,
This is one of my favorite mods I own. The first device I've ordered outside the US and I now have a few friends looking at the UK for different devices. This thing hits like a dream the size is freakin perfect! One button - thats it! VERY easy to use and fits great in your hand. Love this device!
Steve M.
I always wanted to chase clouds and with this amazing little mod I can. It's great the way it fits into your hand is such a nice fit. I have the flavour warth and that also tastes just as good. The only thing that stunned me when I opened the box was the fact of how big it is, it is very small but very very good as it's on 50w all the time great purchase!!
This is a great bit of kit. As s first time user of the box mods I was unsure whether I'd like "cloud chasing" but I tell you what, I love this and haven't touched a cigarette in 9 days! Previously gave up smoking using the "Fuse" eventually phasing it out altogether. Went back to smoking after well over a year and hated it. It's the nicotine I wanted! So back on the ecigs I went and found this. Bought myself and my partner one and we both love it. I'm currently using Pure Evil Envy juice in mine
Great design, feels really nice to use. Thought it would be quite bulky but actually fits quite nice in my hand