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Vapouriz Fuse Dual Coil Electronic Cigarette Kit

Black + Free Classic E-Liquid

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Free E-Liquid
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Charge Safety Warning. Please review our charging guide
Vapouriz Fuse Dual Coil Electronic Cigarette Kit
Vapouriz Fuse Dual Coil Electronic Cigarette Kit
Product Reviews

Vapouriz Fuse Dual Coil Electronic Cigarette Kit

The Vapouriz FUSE is the latest in electronic cigarette technology and comes in a wide range of beautiful colours to suit every taste.

The FUSE comes with the latest EVOD 650mAh rechargeable battery, with 5V Circuit protection, unique to Vapouriz and not usually seen with other brands of electronic cigarettes.

In addition, the FUSE uses the FUSE 'Bottom fed' Dual Coil Clearomizer. This relatively new technology means that the dual coil is located at the bottom of the clearomizer.

Perfect For

First Time / Novice Users
Experienced Users

What's in the box
650mAh FUSE (EVOD) Rechargeable Battery with 5v Protection Chip
FUSE Dual Coil, Bottom Fed Clearomizer
FUSE USB Charging Cable
FUSE Instruction Manual
FUSE Metal Case
FREE E-Liquid (select your flavour and nicotine strength)

Tech spec
Easy to set up
Easy to use
Better flavour than other models
Almost no 'burnt' taste
Coil/wick is continuously saturated with e-liquid
Less prone to/no leaking
Dual coil - more power, throat hit and vapour production

Height: 138mm (based on 650mAh battery with Clearomizer)
Diameter: 14mm

About Vapouriz
Based in the UK, Vapouriz is one of the leading manufacturers of e-cigarette kits, vaping hardware and e-liquids in the world.

I previously used a similar device made by a competitor, however found that vapour production and flavour were quite dull in comparison to the fuse. The rebuildable aspect is a cost-efficient way of maintaining the quality of this device. The double coil results in vapour that actually tastes how it's supposed to, with no burnt flavour at all to speak of (until the coil starts degrading at least). I can't give this device 5/5 simply because it could really benefit from some kind of battery level indicator - you're happily vaping and suddenly the battery conks out on you.
Thought i'd give this a go on the recommendation of a friend and i'm glad i did. Having been smoking for 25years i thought i'd never give up and this has helped me cut down from 23 a day to only 4. In time i hope to have stopped completely. Am so happy!
Thought i'd give this a go on the recommendation of a friend and i'm glad i did. Having been smoking for 25years i thought i'd never give up and this has helped me cut down from 23 a day to only 4. In time i hope to have stopped completely. Am so happy!
I've recently decided I want to quit the Cigarettes so switch to an e-Cigarette which worked really well but they don't last long enough for me so I looked into this weird and wonderful world I've recently found out about called 'Vaping'. I bought two of these starter kits and a spare pack of coils. I have to say this is a lovely unit. Easy to assemble, easy to fill and easy to use. I charged mine on arrival yesterday and here I am the next day still on the same battery. I'm very pleased with this kit and highly recommend it if you're starting out. I completely do not want nor need a Fag hanging out of my mouth with this thing. A real game changer. Thank you Vapouriz.
I have been using EGO's for years now but the batteries were a little hit and miss. This one blows the competition away. The Fuse650 is long lasting and the coils dont burn out as quick as others I've used. Lightweight and small. So easy to stick in your pocket. Overall and fantastic bit of kit. Will not be going back to EGO's anytime soon. Thanks guys
So happy with my vapouriz - been a cigarette smoker for over 30 years and since giving up and moving to my fuse , I feel so much better and this is the best product I have used. So far I have only used the menthol flavour, but have just ordered the great value 10 bottle mix to try some others ��
After trying other e cigarette brands and always having problems with them leaking and breaking I was recommended to try this one, I am very happy with the product so far have been using it for a week and so far so good would recommend to anyone looking for a good brand of vapour. Love the double Apple e liquid.
excellent buy for a first time vaper - even the wife is happy with me not smelling of tobacco now!
Mr Watson
I decided to try an e-cigarette when i saw my friends using them as a replacement to regular smoking. After some research I decided to settle on the Fuse -pink being my colour of choice. Since using it for 5 days i've not felt i've missed a regular cig at all (i'm using it with 1.8% double apple). Will be recommending it to all my smoking friends to try and wean themselves tobacco!
Karen, London
i got my fuse after using disposable units for around 4 months, i love the fuse, its got a strong hit to the throat and i can just changing the coil each time instead of throwing the whole thing away, this has really helped me give us the grotty smoking habit and i would highly recommend it to everyone that wants to give up cause it really works. good size and great vape. best product out there!
fuse lover
I was a heavy smoker, around 20-30 a day, but I started vaping after my girlfriend gave me her old Vapouriz Tank ecig. After around a week I decided to upgrade to the Fuse, and what an upgrade! So much better to vape with. Smooth, but still with a great hit, and much more vapour produced compared to the tank. I'm now 3 weeks cigarette free and I don't think I'll ever go back! I've just bought a second Fuse as a back up. Great product, and would definitely recommend to friends! Thanks a lot guys!
I have not had a need to smoke a cigarette since buying the FUSE kit , Have always said I would never give up and since using this I have gradually put the cigs down for good..
I received a FUSE Dual coil E-Cigarette for Christmas. I smoked my last 'real' cigarette on 30th December 2014 and haven't looked back. The E-cigarette satisfies my yearning and the flavours are fab! Have now just ordered an E-cig for my best friend. Great product. Love it.
Hi I have been a social smoker since my early twenties and I am now in my 40s. I purchased my first e cigarette in July 2014 and have literally not felt the need to buy cigarettes since. I have had the odd cigarette on a night out but usually just take a puff on my Fuse e cigarette and it has been sufficient.
Excellent product. I have been using the product for two months now. It's very discrete and can vape a little to take the nicotine craving away almost anywhere or settle in for a longer session at your leisure. No more smoke smell in the house that required constant airing and less dust. Remember the days when you lit up at the bus stop and after two puffs the bus arrived and wasted a cigarette. No more start stop by the click of a button. I've got two batteries so it's always ready and one battery last me the whole day. It has a nice feel to it and fits into any pocket. My only complaint would be the rubber cover over the mouth piece that becomes loose and eventually gets discarded, a plastics clip top would have been nicer option with a pen clip for my shirt pocket. Try not to vape dry the dual fuse to avoid early replacement which I have done a few times by mistake. I will never go back to cigarettes and have saved so much money especially with the excellent Vapouriz deals. I'm now starting a nicotine reduction program over the next three months. So happy with the product and sure you'll be. It just takes a few days to get used to it. Enjoy.
Neil Farnham
I've had mine for 2 weeks today, I couldn't recommend it more, total newbie at vaping and it did take a few goes before I got the hang of it, now I love it!! haven't smoked in that time except for a draw off a friends cig and I hated it!! I can't stand even the smell of tobacco anymore. I did have to change a coil fairly quickly though but after getting to grips with it, I think I had just let the oil run out to frequently, I got excited as I purchased all different flavors of the vapouriz e-liquids so only put a little bit in at a time to try them all, don't do that. Anyone thinking of buying, I would strongly suggest getting a spare battery and the coils. It can be a bit costly to get started but sooo worth it, already feels like its paid for itself. If in doubt, just get it!! its awesome!! one thrilled and loyal customer (I've already got 3 people to get the fuse kits) I'm very happy with this product indeed.
I've been using the liquids for years and finally got around to trying an e-cig from Vapouriz! I've used a lot of brands and I'm happy to say I actually rated the Fuse five stars out of five on my review site. Good amount of vapour, great tasting liquids, I've been using the same cartomiser without needing to replace it for about five or six weeks now, battery lasts about 5/6 hours (with 'regular' use) and the whole kit is great value for money. Reliable, durable & an easy smoke! Well done Vapouriz! Very impressed!
I have tried other vapourizers in the past, and managed to get on ok with them, some costing £100 each, however I gave up and went back to smoking, due to leaking, slerping and having eliquid in my mouth from other "Top Brand" vapourizers. After buying my first Vapouriz FUSE, attempting to try to give up smoking again, and with it being 2 weeks since I started using it, I have had no problems with it what so ever, and have not had a smoke since then. There has been no leaking at all, no e-liquid in my mouth, perfection if you ask me. The battery part is very well made, and the button is the best, I have found on a vaporizer, it is large and curved across the battery, and fits your thumb perfectly. The rest of the battery is a nice fit in your hand. I also find that it only takes about 30 mins to charge fully. The duel coil clearomizer holds a nice amount of e-liquid, has not leaked once, and has a good hit with the 1.8mg e-liquid. The taste is also very good, other vaporizers I couldn't even taste the flavours, but with this one you can taste it all. So, I will be using Vapouriz for everything now, e-liquid, batteries etc, brand loyalty is key to quality, and you get the premium items, but not at a premium price.
Adam Jay
Great product, arrived really quickly - just in time for the other brand i was using ran out. i have had 6 different e cigs and i can honestly say this is the best one so far. i do recommend that they do something about the button as its too flush and hard to find without having to look at it to find it.
leo bond
Went from 8 rollies every day to 10 in a whole week when I got this using 1.8mg Nicotine liquids. The throat hit is perfect. Starting to wonder how I ever smoked so much now. Feels good to know there's a lot less rubbish in me when I smoke this. The blueberry liquids are my favourite so far. Excellent for quitting or cutting down.
Johnny Truant.
Great product, arrived really quickly. in fact the next the day! Had initial problems with the battery but spoke to Customer Services and they sent a new battery, free of charge, again arrived the next day. Can't complain about that.
  • What does 'vaping' mean?

    When most people think of an electronic cigarette, they think it’s ‘like smoking’. †In fact, there is no ‘smoke’ involved, merely water vapour. The term ‘vaping’ and ‘to vape’ is merely describing the action of using an electronic cigarette. †If you enjoy vaping, you might even call yourself a ‘vaper’.