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Vapouriz 28 Day Quit Kit

Quitting smoking is for many reasons a daunting prospect. Persistent cravings coupled with the uncertainty of choosing a suitable cessation method can make you feel like you've failed before you've started. That's why we at Vapouriz have channeled our passion and expertise into giving you the best head-start possible.

Studies have shown that quitting cigarettes for 28 days makes you 5 times more likely to quit cigarettes for good!

The Vapouriz 28 Day Quit Kit has been put together with the intent of helping you be cigarette-free for good. Featuring the FUSE Vape Pen - a device well-established in its popularity and effectiveness - and six bottles of Vapouriz Premium E-Liquid, you will be suitably armed to stave off those cravings. The Quit Kit comes complete with enough replacement heating elements to you get through your first 28 days, while getting the best performance, flavour, and experience from the vape pen.
The real beauty of the Quit Kit, however, lies in its effortless simplicity.  Not only have we taken the headache out of finding and purchasing all the necessary components, but the pen itself is extremely simple to operate - even for the novice user. Perhaps most importantly, the FUSE vape pen allows you to mimic the action and sensation of smoking in a manner 95% safer than tobacco consumption. 
So, why wait to make an entirely positive change to your lifestyle and wellbeing? Order your Vapouriz 28 Day Quit Kit today for the low price of £34.99, and enjoy ongoing savings of over £250 per month*. And while you decide on how best to spend those extra pennies, you can also revel in the priceless benefits of fresh breath, fragrant clothing and vastly improved overall health**.  
Make the change that makes the difference.

* Based on a 20-a-day habit
** When compared to smoking cigarettes