Different Types of E Cigarette

Different Types of E Cigarette

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E cigarettes are classified into 3 different types based on their acceptability to users and their efficiency. Each class of e cigarettes have their own advantages and disadvantages, based on which users can make their discretion.


Mini e cigarette

A mini or a regular sized e cigarette is similar in shape to a traditional tobacco cigarette. Even though this type of e cigars comes under different brand names, they are distinguished from each other with the help of a recognized serial number. Minis, which are also known as the first generation e cigarettes, have a 3-piece model as well as a 2-piece model. The 3-piece model, which was initially used, comprises of a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge. The 2-piece model, which is more prevalent now have a battery and a cartomizer, which is a combination of an atomizer and a liquid cartridge in a single unit.

A mini e cigarette is small and discrete to use. They may be auto operated or battery operated. These e cigarettes are quite inexpensive and are recommended for light smokers and occasional smokers. But, the battery life of a mini e cigarette is quite small. These e cigarettes are flavourless and they do not appeal to heavy smokers. There is also a chance for the batteries to get destroyed due to inappropriate refilling of the cartridges.


Mid-size e cigarettes

Mid-size e cigarettes or second generation e cigarettes are larger in size when compared to mini e cigarettes. These models have a longer battery life, and they also produce more vapour than the mini e cigs. The batteries of mid-size e cigarettes can last for up to 8 hours. A second generation model of e cigarette manufactured by the best e cigarette company will have many upgraded options like fitting a larger battery.

Mid-size e cigarettes are usually operated manually. This can sometimes pose as a disadvantage to newcomers. This model is also a bit more expensive when compared to mini e cigarettes.



APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers) are large sized e cigarettes that fall into the extra performance category. They are basically divided into 2 categories, namely the boxmods, which are box shaped and the tubemods, which are tubular shaped. APVs manufactured by the best e cigarette company will have batteries that are rechargeable and operated manually. The batteries have an extended life, and the e cigarettes produce thrice the vapour volume, when compared to the other models. The APVs have a solid construction, and they provide sufficient performance for all types of smokers.

The APVs are quite expensive than other models of e cigarettes. One also needs to take extra care while recharging the batteries of APVs.

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