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Vapouriz Tank Starter Kit Bundle - everything you need to start vaping!

The Vapouriz CE4 (eGo) Tank is one of the best electronic cigarette starter kits available in the market today and is an incredible performer compared to the traditional cartridge based models traditionally sold in the supermarkets or petrol station forecourts.

Not only that, e liquid is much cheaper than refill cartridges (around a third of the cost). To put it in to perspective, a 30ml bottle of liquid costing £9.99 will last a typical '20-a-day' smoker between 2-3 weeks.

The Vapouriz CE4 Tank is incredibly well made, and the ideal electronic cigarette for the new user or for those who have been using the cartomizer/cartridge based electronic cigarettes and want something more powerful and reliable.

Not only that, users of the Vapouriz CE4 Tank have a greater degree of flexibility as they are able to use any e liquid flavour or nicotine strength of e liquid.

In addition, e liquid is much cheaper than buying cartridges/cartomizers. A great added benefit!

All of our e cigarettes are made from high quality material for long lasting use. The Vapouriz CE4 Tank is renowned for its superior quality, vapour production and reliability.

The Vapouriz CE4 Tank starter kit comprises of a single 650mah Lithium Ion battery (approx. 8 hours use on a full charge), a CE4 Clearomizer (long wick with a 1.6ml e liquid capacity), a USB charging cable and a metal presentation case with detailed instructions. Choose from the drop down menu which flavour/strength you'd prefer.

Vapouriz Tank | Bundle Contents

  • 1 × 650mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 × CE4 Clearomizer (long wick)
  • 1 × USB Line charger
  • 1 × User Manual (English)
  • 1 x Metal Presentation Case
  • 1 x 10ml Bottle of Vapouriz Premium E Liquid (Choose from one of 5 flavours and 3 strengths)

Flavours Available

Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Apple, Blueberry, Cherry or Fruit Punch

Strengths Available

24mg/2.4%, 18mg/1.8% or 6mg/0.6mg  

Specification of Vapouriz CE4 Tank starter kit

  • E Cigarette size: 130x14mm
  • Weight of cigarette: 34g
  • E Liquid content for CE4 Clearomizer: 1.6ml
  • Content of battery: 650mAh
  • Charging Voltage: 3.4V-4.2V
  • Charge time: 3-4 hours
  • Battery Capacity: 6-8 hours
  • Life of battery: 90-180 cycles/charges


This product comes VERY highly recommended by us!

Please note:

  • Never leave batteries unattended whilst charging.
  • Clearomizers such as the CE4 contained within the starter kit, and the CE4 V3 upgrade, are consumable parts and have a lifespan of, on average, 1 to 3 weeks, and will eventually need to be replaced. Spare clearomizers are available at £5.99 for the standard CE4, and £7.99 for the CE4 V3.

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Customer Reviews (59)



Really enjoy shopping at Vapouriz, would be even better if they gave regular customers like me free delivery!!

Review by Adam
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Excellent product, I have been using e-lites for over a year now and this Tank is miles ahead, you really feel like your having a fag and the hit is strong and flavoursome too, absolutely brilliant!

Review by Himal

I hate being a smoker and have tried/failed with most methods, including e-cigs. I'm deadly from the first 2 days... But with the vapouriz tank, its been a week now and still I'm fine, calm and relaxed. And because I'm off the fags, my sense of taste is better, so the more you use this product, the more enjoyable it gets. As an ex 30-per-day man, I'm also feeling better. As its so much cheaper than smoking, there's no rush, I'll just let myself gradually use the e-cig less and less, until I give up completely.. So far, this is the only e-cig that has worked for me.. thanks vapouriz..

Review by paul

I tried just about every method of giving up smoking, gum, tablets, patches and then I found vaporize in a traditional tobacconist shop in the UK. Tried them and Bingo!! 11 weeks now without tobacco (and I was a 25 a day roll up smoker), sense of smell and taste is back like never before. No whiffs or butts - for me this is the best. I the moment I use 1.8 virginia mixed witha little mint ice liquid and use the very reliable online shop. I have just ordered the 1.2 to see if I can lower my niccy intake a little.

Review by John

First came into contact with this product on a plane to Thailand. I only had nicotine patches, but the gentlemen next to me offered me his new spare tank and thank god he did it really helped me out on that 12 hour flight! Compared to any other product I have tried this is by far the best! I have been smoking for 13 years, since receiving this on Monday (four days ago) I havenít had a cig! I cant believe it never knew it could be this easy! Great product recommend to anyone trying to give up!

Review by Ross

I have tried a few different method's to try & stop smoking, but none of them worked. The Tank system helped me to stop first time. Have now been just over a week tobacco free thank to the tank.

Review by Darren

I bought the Tank kit in a hurry - I'd killed my posh e-cig and needed a cheap replacement asap - but as it turns out the Vapouriz kit is so good it gets preferential treatment over my more expensive mods. Good battery, good clearo, giving a very satisfactory vape, a perfect starter kit in my opinion. For me the battery wasn't lasting quite long enough (I was a very heavy smoker, so it gets a lot of use) but I've just bought one of the 1100mAh batteries and that lasts all day and more. Superb product, I'm happy to recommend it.

Review by Alan H

I smoke a pipe and cigars (not at the same time mind!) and was looking for something that I could smoke indoors. Found the tank starter kit in my local spar here in sunny Cornwall, and took a chance. Glad I did, excellent piece of kit. Won't be giving up tobacco anytime soon as I enjoy it too much, but will be using less of it, and vapourizing more. Loving the grape flavour. YUM!!!.

Review by Marcus

New to using e-cig and really impressed with this product! It looks the part and feels like a quality product! Good amount of vapour produced and you get a good hit! I would recommend this product! Also get a second battery and upgrade to the CE4 V3 so you can clean the tank when swapping fluids as difficult with the standard CE4! Overall really chuffed and not had a proper cigarette in 2 weeks and not wanting one either thanks to this product!

Review by Stuart

My tank kit arrived 23 days ago ready to use instantly as the battery was charged already and I have not touched 1 ciggie since and I know for sure I never will again! It was introduced to the tank by my friend's husband who was so enthusiastic over it, that i really felt i had to try it. From day one of using the tank I knew I would never touch a cigarette again as this was so much better!! I have had no cravings for food or sweets like the other few times i had try to stop. And I have very little willpower, but with the tank you don't need it! I have now bought several flavours an love the melon and strawberry. I can't recommend this product enough and will be buying them for my nephews too! Don't hesitate, try it !!!

Review by Nancy Laverge

How to describe this product in one word... "AMAZING!" I was using a basic e cigarette (not by Vapouriz) which proved to be unreliable, needed regular charging, and costly as the batteries and cartridges needed replacing all too often. I LOVE! this tank electronic cigarette. The battery lasts for HOURS! It's so easy to use and very well constructed. I can't wait to try out some of the HUGE range of e liquid flavors and combining them together. 10/10 Vapouriz :)

Review by Claire

Love this product haven't smoked now for nearly 4 weeks. Started on Gemini which is also good but the tank offers a range of flavours

Review by Ad

This product is an absolute godsend, I had previously purchased the cheaper cigarette shaped e-cigarettes and I did like them, but a friend had bought one of these dearer ones and told me just how good they were, willing to take a risk i purchased one and was delighted instantly, not only are they more effective but the battery last so much longer and the refills have a very impressive shelf life that cut the refill prices in half. For anyone trying to quit smoking I would highly recommend buying this product!!

Review by william

Very happy, comes in a nice tin and was delivered within a day!

Review by Dan

All I can say is if you are debating to get this or not - do it! It is well worth the money for the quality you get. I have now been stopped smoking for 4 days for me this is a real achievement I have tried all stop smoking products and always felt like I could kill someone after two days but with this I DON'T at all I also like the different flavours you can get I am using blueberry at the moment and its yummy! yes there are similar products out there which are cheaper but this product is of far superior quality so go for it buy it now you won't look back I love this so much I have recommended to all my freinds

Review by Rebecca

AMAZING PRODUCT! i bought this to save money and just cut down, i had no intention of fully stopping smoking because i really enjoy it, but i haven't touched a cigarette since i got this almost 7 weeks ago! couldn't recommend it enough! FANTASTIC customer service too, really really fast delivery every time ive ordered. Just brilliant! :-)

Review by Laura

This is the most brilliant product ever. I was a smoker for 40 years, but as soon as I received the Vapouriz tank and started puffing away on it I found to my surprise I did not need any more cigarettes. In fact I still have 3 unopened packs of cigarettes in my house and haven't even attempted to open one of them. Unbelievable. I used to smoke between 20 and 30 a day, but after more than 4 weeks of using this amazing tank I now consider myself an ex-smoker, yay!! I'm now trying all sorts of different flavours as I'm not even sure I prefer the tobacco flavoured liquids anymore. Just ordered the toffee flavour as I love toffees, and am sure it will live up to my expectations, just as the other flavours I've tried have. I love this product and would give it 100 stars if I could. No complaints whatsoever.

Review by Tish

I ordered the Tank starter kit on a Friday with the basic 2.99 delivery. At the earliest i expected it to arrive on the following mon/tue but it came the next morning. Exellent service! I had used Vapouriz once before when i tried the disposable and they were fast then too. Now for the Tank itself. Arrives looking and feeling like a quality piece of kit, and it is. At first, i have to say, i wasn't quite as blown away as i thought i would be. I think this is because i was so impressed by the disposable, that i was expecting a little too much from the Tank. Things though, do improve. After a few refills of liquid and charges of the battery, it gets better. Better vape production, throat hit and flavour. Worth noting. It's best to give this product a little time and some real use before you judge it. Especially if you've only just stopped smoking real ciggs. Why? Real ciggs prevent you from tasting correctly. After a week or so, you should start to really notice the flavour more. Also, as with anything, there's a small period of adjustment and a slightly longer pull requirement you have to adopt. But you won't notice that after a week. If you feel like it's still not quite strong enough, then you should be able to get round this by either getting the higher strength liquid, a more powerful battery and upgrading the clearomiser, all of which are sold by Vapouriz. At the rate i use mine, i'm needing to charge the battery about every 1 and a half days. As for the liquid, i have about half of the 10m bottle left and some in the Tank. I've had my Tank for 6 days, so its lasting quite well. They say the battery should be good for about 380 charges, so you could get through a year with just one battery and about 10 clearomizers. Which brings me on to value for money. For me, it's going to make sense to buy a years worth in one go. I want more than just one Tank, so i can have a choice of flavours when i'm out and about. I'll probably get a selection of various batteries and clearomisers, enough for a year at least. Worth doing, at least you'll know which of the batteies and clearomisers are best for you. The liquids will take a little longer to get the maximum value for money from. About a year or so i suspect. They'll be great value to begin with, but i'll see the real value in year 2 i think. This is because there's so much choice in flavours, sizes and strengths, that it will take frequent purchases to discover my likes and dislikes. Add the fact you can also mix liquids, and you're left with a beautiful problem, but a great problem to have. Any dislikes or issues so far? Unfortunately yes, just one. The usb charger that came with the kit was faulty. This was no big deal at first, as it was still charging the battery. It just wasn't indicating when a full charge was achieved. However, the other day, the battery wouldn't disconnect from the usb charger. When i turned the battery, it would just free turn but not disconnect. In the end, i had to apply a little pressure to pull the battery from the usb, and the inside of the usb came away still attached to the battery. I then had to use a tool to unscrew the usb part from the battery. Fortunately, the Tank works just fine. Unfortunately ,the battery has died and as i have no charger, i can't use my Tank. I have e-mailed Vapouriz about this but haven't heard back as of yet. I'm sure i've just been unlucky and that this problem is rare. And with my previous experience with Vapouriz, along with other customer reviews, i have every faith they'll just send me a replacement charger. Problem is, i'm starting to get cravings now, so i may have to give in and by a pack of ciggs, d'oh!. lol. Bottom line, i love it. Would'nt be without my Vapouriz now. Much prefer to real ciggs, wich now seem awfull when i have one. My advice, get off ciggs or whatever other eciggs you may be using and get with Vapouriz. You won't regret it. The best ecigg i've came across, and the best customer care by a long way. They always seem to be trying to reduce prices or come up with great new offers. And they'll listen to each customer, and if needed, act on it. Not like other companies who would need a huge collective to even consider giving you the time of day. Vapouriz get my money from now on.

Review by Tez

Just got my Ce4 delivered and I can say goodbye cigarette... Very satisfied... I went for the medium strength tobacco flavour but it's strong enough to keep you away from the real cigarettes. Thanks Vapouriz.

Review by Nicholas

I bought the tank kit and a spare battery from here 4 weeks ago with the strongest tobacco flavour. I was amazed at how realistic it was compared to cigarettes although I have just bought some milder strength eliquid from here and some extra clearomizers. I made the mistake whilst being back home in Spain by buying some imitation clearomizers and to say they were bad is an understatement, they tasted awful from the minute go with the constant burn taste. So beware of expensive imitations everyone. And no I do not work for vapouriz lol. PS. The first few days I had a few cigarettes but this was my mind playing tricks and now the thought of a real cigarette repulses me. Thanks Vapouriz.

Review by John McFarlane

I tried lots of other e cigs but they were so useless! Batteries or the cartomizers ran out! Not with the Tank! I am now heading for the three month mark and I am done with tobacco. The fruit e liquids are great and I love trying all the different flavours in the sampler pack. Thank you Vapouriz........ You may have just saved my life!!!!

Review by Jackie Pell

Started on nicolites but were very expensive,the tank is great me and the wife have been off the cigs for a week now and have recommended this product to a few people already!

Review by junior

I had tried kits that look like the real thing with great disappointment. This looks nothing like them but the results were 100 times better in fact i have now kicked the real things for this and its great

Review by mike

Why oh Why didn't i try this earlier. Having tried other types of electronic cigarettes in the past this is by far the best. The hit on the back of the throat really hits the spot, the taste is great. Superb!!!

Review by Danny Ryall

But now I love my tank. A very unladylike sounding name. But vaping with it makes me feel like a 1920's lady with a cigarette holder. Lovely. I bought myself a purple clearomizer for my flavoured vapes so I can see at a glance which one is tobacco flavoured (clear) and which is flavoured (purple) sitting on my hands so I don't go mad and buy more clearomizers and flavours. Green clearomizer for mint flavours! Red for coffee? Got to stop!! Anyway delivery was fast, as always. Oh and the tin is really nice! But I bought myself the leather feel case as well. It's habit is healthier for me, but is gonna leave me skint if I carry on like this!

Review by I wasn't sure at first

I have just received my starter pack. I decided to get one because I've just moved to an apartment building and I was sick of running up and down stairs to have a smoke. I am so happy with my product and the menthol and cherry mixed together is absolutely devine! Such a nice taste and no nasty feeling in my mouth when I've had enough. I love it and I will definitely keep on buying your product. Amazingly fast delivery and I could not be happier with the service I have received! One happy customer!

Review by Emma

I've tried so many of the disposable ecigs out there and always felt underwhelmed. From batteries that needed charged constantly to cartomizers that didn't work properly but this is totally different. The battery lasts all day and the e-liquid gives an excellent hit just where you need it. Also, saves a fortune compared to disposables - Buy this, you won't be disappointed.

Review by Pete

With the help of the Vapouriz Tank starter kit I haven't had a cig for over a month. Wonderful product, can't think of any downside. Thanks Guys! 5 stars!

Review by Mike Gooch aka mereman

This is a fantastic product and starter kit. I was originally on the cartridge style e cigs and they did not do the job for me at all. This product is fantastic. Excellent minty vapour for the menthol smokers and battery life is amazing (i charge every 24 hours!) This is now my 2nd week from being tobacco free/smell free and healthy and my family are made up I am now minty and not smelling like a ashtray!! Delivery is also amazing. I would recommend this product to everyone who is looking for something different A1++++ Keep up the great work Vapouriz :)

Review by Emma

I have been smoking about 14 years, I tried e-cigs before but they didn't ever replicate the feeling of smoking and therefore were not very good at helping me quit. The Vapouriz Tank on the other hand is really impressive so far. I am currently in the process of cutting down and using the Tank in between when I would normally smoke (meaning it has helped me to go from 15 a day to about 6) and it really works. Take 2 or 3 minutes using the Tank and I can go a good 2 hours without wanting another smoke. I should be quitting completely within a week and I honestly believe that I will succeed this time with the help of the Tank. Thank you.

Review by Chris Pye

I've tried everything that's out there to help me get off cigarettes and this is the only product that's worked. I think it's fantastic. smoking 20 a day was a very expensive habit now I get the luxury of still 'smoking' without the high cost. I have recommended it to so many ppl it reali does work.

Review by Kelly

This product i think is the one to help me give up smoking. Delivered the following day, easy to use, and since i received the Vapouriz Tank i havn`t even thought of rolling a cigarette. (I was smoking 30 to 40 fags a day). Some great flavours to choose from too. Hopefully with the extras that i bought, i should`nt have to buy anything for a while. What a SAVING .. Thank You Vapouriz... From A Very Happy Marc......

Review by Marc Hamer

I already use the Vapouriz clearomizer, and gave one of my spares to a mate,and it's already cut his smoking by 50%. Me,I gave up tobacco at the New Year. Haven't looked back since.Thanks!

Review by Loz

I've never written a review for any product before but felt I absolutely had to, due to how amazing this product is! I was extremely sceptical and pondered for almost two weeks as to whether to buy this, thinking it'll be another dissappointment and more money waste but due to a collegues input, I went for it. Since receiving the Tank, I've not touched a single cigarette and haven't had the urge to either, the resemblance this product has to smoking a genuine cigarette is fantastic, with an amazing throat hit and a satisfying amount of vapour that imitates smoking brilliantly. I was also skeptical about the flavoured vapours, expecting them to taste nothing like the flavour it stated, once again I was wrong. I'd advise anybody who would like to give up smoking to purchase this product especially. In my eyes, it's a little miracle!

Review by Jade

I have tried many E cigs over the last year and nothing really worked. I was told about Vapouriz tank and ordered one last week. It came really quickly and in only a few days trial I have stooped using cigarettes and ordered different E liquids and other accessories. This is without doubt a superb bit of kit and must be one of the very best on the market and all at a reasonable cost. This is as close to smoking a real cigarette that you can get. Congratulations on your great product and thank you.

Review by Dot Pegg

The tank is the best thing i have ever used and the chocolate and vanilla liquid is great. Smoking is definitely a thing of the past

Review by Jon

Wow, quite impressed and only received it today, love the look and feel of it, and the vapour it blows out is brilliant, the hit at the back of the throat is excellent, fingers crossed this will work for me :)) I'll be sure to keep u informed lol. No leaking either which is brilliant as the last one I spent about £50 on was rubbish (from a different company and a different style I might add). Thanks Vapouriz, I really hope this does the trick :))

Review by Jayne Taylor

I hardly do reviews, but seeing that it was because of the reviews i had purchased the product i shall write one. I cant stress how important this product has become in me quitting cigarettes for a chain smoker for the past 10 years. Nothing has worked better than this. The hit on this is amazing it as if you're having the real thing. One thing is for sure if your going to order the e-liquid go for a medium or low nicotine. Because the high level nicotine is a bit to harsh on the throat.

Review by Jamal

I am now starting my second month with the Tank. I'm no salesman but the Tank WORKS!!!! THe battery doesn't die after a hour, it gives you the hit you need, it really is amazing! And every time I've contacted Vapouriz customer support I'm treated like a human and I cant say enough good things about it! I have managed to save £500 so far :)

Review by Dom Gaylor

Just brilliant, had this for three weeks now and haven't touched a cigarette since. I am very weak willed and have tried many products to try and stop smoking with no success until now. Nice one Vapouriz

Review by Paul

All I can say is wow! Ordered my stuff on Saturday, at my house by Tuesday. The product is amazing, compared to standard e-cigarettes this blows them out of the water. The hit is like a real cigarette, very impressed. Will recommend Vapouiz to anyone, thanks guys.

Review by Anthony Ramshaw

Excellent value for money but definately buy a spare battery and a clearomiser that has the replaceable parts extra as it will save you money in the long run I went from smoking 20plus a day to this with ease

Review by mrs m

Just received my new tank today one word, AMAZING. Was previously on SKYCIG which was good but the reviews on the Tank caught my attention and different flavours also was a factor on switching. Word of advice the 2.4 nicotine is seriously strong considering dropping to the 1.8 which was what I was on with the SKYCIG. Shape and size a bit unusual however I've found that it doesn't matter, 4 months since I've quit the death sticks. The Vapouriz Tank is wonderful...

Review by Hakan

Well my tank arived today I tried the liquorice liquid and WOW what a hit with a nice plesant taste. I would recomend the tank to anyone

Review by stuart

Revolutionary. I was one of the smokers who had tried everything to quit, patches, gum, lozenges, inhalers, mist. The list is endless. I brought this on a whim as a friend had one and it is the best thing I have ever purchased. I feel amazing, have no cravings and the only thing that has got heavier is my purse as I have saved a packet. Have sucessfully recommended to 2 friends who think the same also. EXCELLENT Product!

Review by Leanne

Best thing on the market as far as I'm concerned... I started off with the gemini pro because it resembled a normal cig. Although it was great, i think the tank is very conveniant in terms of refilling, cleaning and more accessable for replacement parts.. Thanks vapouriz for a superb product and faultless customer service! Best money i have spent in years!!!

Review by Dave

Just brilliant. Never going to smoke tobacco again. Nice 1 Vapouriz :-)

Review by Dan T

I have smoked for 26 Years and Smoke 40 a day, I break under the strain of a kit Kat, and have tried nicotine gum, patches & hypnotheropy - non of which worked. I have tried E lights,ECL and Gammucci again non of these give you the hit. I am now on Day 3 of the Vapouriz Tank !!!!! happy days I have not had the craving for a fag since opening the Packaging. At long last a company who doesnt rip you off, and actually sells a product that does excatly what it says on the Tin (literally).......... thank you so much Vapouriz.

Review by Dom Gaylor

I got my Vapouriz Tank today, and i must say very impressed, been smoking for 25 years but i know after trying this product, smoking is going to be a thing of the past for me. sitting at my desk at the moment i have no urge to go out and have a cigarette. im a hand rolled tobacco smoker so like a good strong hit when i have one, but like i said got no urge to have one now, im on the basic flavour which is sent out with the tank but i,m looking forward to trying out the other flavours just so i can get the taste i want, all i will say anyone out there looking to stop or cut down ,YOU GOT TO TRY THIS PRODUCT, you will not look back excellent quality, not bad on weight and hand feel, and excellent on the vapour produced.....well done Vapouriz!

Review by stuart mccabe

I have tried lots of ways to give up smoking, but I have never had much luck. All I have done is spend loads of money, UNTIL NOW - WOW! HOW FANTASTIC, The Tank, WOW it realy works, I would recommend to anyone that wants to give up or even cut down smoking... I have got 2 flavours on the go at the moment, I use menthol/ vanila in the daytime, then in the evening I change over to menthol/cherry.. There are loads of flavours, and you can mix anything together to get that perfect flavour. Only thing is, it should be 10 gold stars out of 5! A big thank you to all at Vapouriz!

Review by Dawn Gallagher

I bought this product over the weekend and it arrived when I was told it would, since then I have not had a single cigarette and not felt the need to. It's curing all of my cravings and I haven't over-ate as a result of not smoking. I can't wait to try some new flavors! Brilliant, very highly recommended!!!

Review by Emma

After 2 years of trying various other e-cigs, I have finally found one that is absolutely THE BEST! No more constantly charging batteries, refilling cartomisers or spending lots of money on pre-filled ones. As far as I am concerned (and I'm very picky about things) the CE4 Tank gets at least 5 gold stars and I really hope this product is never changed or discontinued - thank you for such a brilliant product!

Review by Anoosh Liddell

WELL , what can i say a great bit of kit. I also got one for my wife so we have both stopped as it is very hard for one to stop while the other is still smoking. Just ordered some more E liquid as i am off on holiday shortly dont want to run out. I would highly recomend the Vapouriz Tank I bought its a really good bit of kit i have rearanged the tin so i can now fit the USB in the tin as well Sorted XXXXX FIVE STARS :)

Review by ROB BROWN

Just WOW! Right now I am using my Vapouriz Tank that tastes like strawberry red bull (I mixed strawberry + red energy )its amazing. Will definitely be ordering more flavors to try more concoctions. The Tank is definently the best of Vapouriz's products and so easy to use. Also Vapouriz - can you put up a page for people to post the 'receipes' of flavours they have mixed and the results? Thanks!

Review by Will

Great product, I've used other ecigarettes on the high street and they never worked, I started using this as soon as I got it and the next day didn't touch a cigarette I've not smoked over 8 days now and I'd thourgly recommend it to anyone. The only critisism is the menthol flavour tastes more like a packet of really minty mints rather than a packet of menthol cigarettes however the watermelon flavour is great ! I've found the low strength is the best and sufficient. Fantastic product.

Review by Alex

So I received the Vapouriz Tank starter kit bundle and all I can say is WOW! I have been using e-cigs for a couple of months now and have tried many cartomiser style brands but the hit and feel was inconsistent, going blue in the face to get a descent draw and it never really compared to a real cigarette. After reading some reviews I ordered the Vapouriz tank and since it arrived I have had no desire for a cigarette! Battery lasts ages, the throat hit and flavour is just like a cigarette. Its amazing! Definately no turning back now

Review by Rich

I had a puff on my friend's Vapouriz Tank at work. I didn't really know what to think, as I've always been sceptical about giving up smoking, as part of me doesn't really want to, but I really need to. Having tried this, it's different to using nicotine patches or any of that other trash because you have the familiarity and the 'motion' of smoking still. As soon as I tried it, I went and ordered one and haven't looked back. The best purchase I've made on anything in a while! The selection of flavourings I find amaaaaaaazing as well. At least give it a try! My dad had a puff on it and it hit the back of his throat as a normal cigarette would and he couldn't believe how 'strong' it was! :)

Review by Suzi

What a fantastic product to have! Easy to set up, the battery lasts ages, and the hit at the back of the throat is fantastic. I do not feel the need to touch a cigarette now after coming on to this product and I have had this for a good 4 weeks. No leakages as with some other that I have tried. I personally like the fact that is does not look like a cigarette to people walking by, or driving by and feel comfortable using it.

Review by Leon