Anodized Batteries for use with FUSE and CLEAR Clearomizers

Available in 6 vibrant colours!
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Charging Safety Warning · Please review our charging guide before use.

Product Details

Vapouriz Tank eGo/510 Anodized Battery

Customize your Vapouriz Tank with one of our superb anodized coloured Tank Electronic Cigarette batteries.

A direct replacement for the standard Tank batteries, or keep as a funky eye-catching spare!

Our Vapouriz 650mAh Tank (eGo) manual battery will last for approximately 6 to 8 hours of regular use before needing a recharge.  This long life between charges is getting great reviews from our customers who claim it lasts 'twice as long'  and is 'very quick to charge' - all in all, an 'excellent product'.

Available in a choice of 6 vibrant colours (GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE, AQUA, PINK, RED) you can co-ordinate this battery with a coloured CE4 or CE4 V3 Clearomizer. With a length of just over 7 cm and a slim 1.4 cm diameter, this chic and stylish battery will fit easily into your bag and into your lifestyle.

This powerful battery is easily deactivated/locked, like all of our Vapouriz Tank batteries - you just press the button five times.  This feature means that it's safe and convenient to pop into your handbag or briefcase when you want to take it out and about with you.  It's compatible with our USB Charger Lead for Tank for convenient charging options.

With powerful short circuit protection, this battery has a constant output of 3.7V, and features a standard Vapouriz Tank/eGo/510 connection.


  • Never leave batteries unattended whilst charging.
  • This battery is not compatible with Gemini/Premium USB chargers.
  • This battery MUST only be charged using a Vapouriz Tank USB Cable.
Customer Reviews (4)

Love mine hardly smoked and its only my second day! I want the pink version of this tank? How do I get it?

Review by Sophie

Got a starter pack with this battery and I have only charged it once, and am on 3rd day of use!

Review by jack
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Batteries last sooo long! Best thing I did was to switch to the tank system!

Review by Seija

The first time I charged this up it lasted for AGES. And whilst charging, it glows blue, so when it stops glowing you know it's charged. And it looks gorgeous too.

Review by janet