Vapouriz CLEAR Tank Replacement 'Heads'

Available in 1.8ohm, 2.1ohm, 2.4ohm, 2.6ohm
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Product Details

Clear Tank Clearomizer | Spare Heads

Compatible with CLEAR TANK Clearomizers ONLY. If you aren't sure which ones you need, feel free to get in touch.

This is the replaceable component part of the Clear Tank Clearomizer which is compatible with our Tank Battery range.

These are very easy to install. Just unscrew the base at the bottom (opposite end to the mouthpiece), pull out the inner part, unscrew the old head and replace with the new one.

Vapouriz offer 5 different ohm rated 'heads' for the Clear Tank.

  • 1.8ohm
  • 2.1ohm
  • 2.4ohm
  • 2.6ohm

The standard Vapouriz Clear Tank Clearomizers come with 2.1ohm heads as standard.

What do the different ohm ratings mean?

Ohms are the measurement of the resistance to electricity of an object.  So when atomizer is 2.1 ohms that is the resistance measurement.   Since a normal electronic cigarette battery puts out only 3.7 volts, you need a very low resistance to get the filament to heat up.  The lower you go, the hotter it will get but there is a trade-off.  The lower you go the more power the battery has to expend to try and pass electricity through the filament, so the battery will not last as long.

Since most electronic cigarette batteries have to run as 3.7 volts, you have to find an ohm value that will get hot enough to produce vapour at the right temperature and not kill the battery in a few minutes.  With 3.7 volts, that just happens to be around 1.8 to 3.2 ohms for an atomizer value.  Less than that and your battery will deplete faster.  More than that and vapour production will be diminished.

Product Care

Clearomizers and replacement heads last approximately 1-3 weeks and are consumable items. We offer a 7 day warranty on all clearomizers.

Please dispose of this product in an appropriate manner.

Customer Reviews (1)

A neat and tidy head giving a really good vape and hit. Also easy to change. However I've found that they seem to clog up more quickly than the CE4 V3 heads, making it quite difficult to take a draw. It's as though they run/wear out more quickly than the CE4 V3 heads? This could be because they have less wick to them than the CE4 V3 heads do and is mostly 'tucked away' inside the metal head.

Review by Richard Lampitt