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UK Made E Liquid

Here at Vapouriz , we have a huge range of e liquid flavours. We manufacture our e liquid in the UK using our own equipment using the best ingredients.  E Liquid Offers Big Savings Over Tobacco Smoking!  E Liquid is a much cheaper way of refilling your electronic cigarette vapourizers than e cigs with refill cartridges.  A 10ml bottle of e liquid (costing as little as £2.99) should last the typical '20 a day' smoker about a week.

Our Premium Range of UK-Made E Liquids

We have a  comprehensive range of flavours - in fact, you're spoilt for choice!  Each of these e liquids (also known as 'e juices', or 'liquids') is available in a choice of strengths (nicotine content) - From 2.4% for heavy smokers down to 0.6% for the light smoker who may be trying to quit nicotine completely using e liquid. All of our e liquids can be mixed and matched: You can combine 2 or more flavours of e liquid to come up with a custom taste for you. Breaking the habit? Keep it fresh and fruity, cool and minty or stick with traditional tobacco flavours.

Need Help Choosing the Strength and Flavour E Liquid For You?

We know our huge range of e liquids can seem overwhelming so why not check our multipack offers and save money whilst sampling a huge selection of flavours! We'd love to hear from you so contact us and give us some feedback with your favourite e liquid flavours and new flavour requests!

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